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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sloooow cooked home cookin!

On friday last week I attempted a first for me...

I cooked my FIRST pot roast.

Now I know this doesn't sound like much, but to me ...This. Is. HUGE.
Being not much of a meat eater myself.. I don't have a lot to go on.. 
and when it comes to seeing meat raw.. looking slightly like an animal still..  

I lose my want to eat. 

Yes, you heard correct, this fatkid will LEAVE THE TABLE.

So if eating it can be a big deal,
you can see how cooking it could be a little worse...

But I'm working on that. 
So comes the Pot Roast.

Simple. Affordable.
(& extremly hard to screw up!)

Here's what you will need:

  •  One 5 quart crock pot
  • One 4-5 lb roast
  • 2.5 cans of water
  • One pk Brown Gravy mix
  • One pk Onion soup/dip mix
  •  One can Cream of mushroom soup
  •  Five- six brown potatoes, peeled & cut
  • Half a small bag of Baby carrots
  • Half an onion

(If you buy prior to cooking night & freeze, make sure to set it our on counter 
to thaw 8-10 hours before you plan on preparing.

Prep should be done 12 hours 
before you plan to serve.

1. Mix both gravy & dip mix packets together in a large bowl

2. Add Cream of Mushroom soup to dry mix 

3. Add water to soup/seasoning mixture

4. Stir well

5. Place thawed roast in crock pot fat side up.

6. Pour Soup mixture all over roast 
& into bottom of crock pot

 7. Place Crock pot on LOW & cook for 10 hours.
6. After 10 hours, add potatoes, carrots, & onions.

7. Continue to cook on low for remaining 2-2.5 hours

You can serve from crock pot, or transfer to a large roasting dish for easier access. (Just pour into dish, flipping roast while transferring.)
Roast will seem to just fall apart while slicing.. this means its good!

 Dinner Ideas:
Serve with a nice 
hand made salad, pasta dish, and rolls!

 For easy storing & leftovers:
Cut and peel remaining roast into shreds and leave in gravy with the veggies for a nice Pot Roast Stew!



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Sarah the Writer said...

I'm with you on the raw meat. If it still looks somewhat like the animal it came from, I won't eat it. Actually, anything fancier than a burger, hot dog, or boneless, breaded chicken disgusts me. My family's not that happy about it, but at least I'm old enough to make something for myself.

Dawn said...

Good for you for trying something new.

I love pot roast. I prefer making it in my roaster in the oven over the crockpot though. My recipe I use is similar.

I'm here from FTLOB. You have a great blog. =)


I wish I had a crock pot. Sigh!!!!!

Lisa xx

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