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Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 eyes? MORE EYES!

1. MovieCuddle Nights  - No Xbox, No internet, movie, Skor bars, chili cheese Fritos, soda, cuddly bed & my Hubbley! <3

2. My Itunes music Play list -I can easily find a playlist to fit any mood just to get lost to.

3. Arizona Green Tea with Honey  -Yummy!

4. My Blogger Friends - They tell it how it is. 
They arn't afraid to say they've been there too. They don't JUDGE. 
They are there in a way no one else is. Thank you!


1. Man Chairs - Requirement for great gaming... 
& being a real man.

2. Wifi - See above :)
3. Reading books on the internet  - it's on my phone!
So it's mobile... Chea!
4. Hot Wheel Collection - Makes me happy

(He has over 300! Here is a picture of the PORTION I have gotten hung in his "MANCave")


1. Slow days @ work  - makes me feel less pressured

2. Cellphone Soundboards - even at age 24, 
farts are still funny
3. RTS games - Sometimes I can't devote 
my time to video games
4. Anime - It looks more real than real life sometimes 


1. Cuddle time with hubby  - Rarely ever get them

2. Breast feeding timers - Makes life ALOT easier

3. Baby workout - Keeps baby happy & my butt toned :)

4. Hot showers - Another rarity..damn cold water!

What Are YOU thankful for??

Ps - Just for fun:


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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to not feel bad for being thankful for certain things because they're superficial, as I see several people in the house have similar stuff :)

Love the pics, especially of Niecie and Mazda. So cute!

And yes, blogger friends are awesome. Very honest and very supportive.

Slidecutter said...

Hmmm...guess I'm most thankful for any time I get to enjoy some wonderful this one!

The best part is discovering just how much alike most of us are even though we are very different; make sense? Maybe that's found in the simple ability to spread some needed smiles across cyberspace.

Ahhh these slow days at work!

Jaimie said...

Sarah - like what? you should never feel bad for what makes you thankful..

Slidcutter - :) Your comment made me smile! thanx!

Anonymous said...

Well, I mean like TV shows, the internet, my laptop, my music player, money from family. Not like family and friends and the opportunity to go to school (which I'm always thankful for).

Jaimie said...

oh i see.. well we throw those in there every now and again, but we try to stick to the smaller, normally un-noticed thankfuls each week :)

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