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Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...

... & I feel fiiiiiiine :)

If your reading this... the world is still spinning. Everything is okay. Nothing has ended.

Go figure.

At this point in my life, I have lived through a few "world-ending" scenarios. I don't tend to feed in to them much.. but I will admit, I did give this one half a second of possibility-inducing fear. I wasn't sure why at first. I talked it over with Ryan, trying to figure it out, & then last night it dawned on me..

I know why this time it scared me:

I actually have something very important to lose.

Any other time, its just been me & Ryan. I was happy, content... my life pretty  much complete. We had eachother, and that was all I ever needed... but now... I have ATLEAST another 50-70 years to happily look forward to!

I don't like any idea that possibly takes those happy moments from me..
I want those 50-70 years!!

Thankfully, this is just another one of those catastophies that the world has to go through every few years... keeps everyone on thier toes, and since nothing happened...
 I get to look forward to my happy memories.

Yesterday, we took our new pictures for the month.

 Week 21
Baby is about the length of a banana!

...Baby has come a long way from just a little grape. :)

We also did the dreaded belly shot. Now know, that I absolutly hate this one... cause I look EXACTLY the same in every shot since I'm already on the thicker side...

Until this month:

BOOM! There's a BABY in there! :D
*Aaaaaand I've LOST a total of 20lbs since MARCH!*

I can finally FEEL the baby! I'm so excited... all these little things that tell me that the baby is actually there... not just cramps, sleepiness, & constant nausea.

Everything now is counting down the days till we get another chance to find out what our little baby is! The day after Christmas, we have an appointment with a specialist to double check a few things.. and they have a ultrasound machine that is way more detailed than the ones we've been using... so hopefully, this time, my stubborn little baby will take the umbilical cord from between its legs & let us see what exactly it's name will be!!

Ugh! 6 days... it feels like an eternity!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our babies gender (or so we thought) ultrasound!

*Our little lovebug! It has a cute little "Who-nose"!!*

SO as you can see...we had our ultrasound yesterday.
 20 weeks, & ready to find out the gender of our little baby!!

We got up early and I started my water chugging...

I hate that part soooo bad.

I love water, don't get me wrong... love love LOVE it.
but chugging 32 oz in 30 mins so soon after waking up..
well, sucks butt actually.


But never the less.. I chugged & chugged & headed to the doctors full of H20. We started the ultrasound so nervous & excited. The technician informed me that it would be a lengthy appointment, and was not just for finding out the gender. I agreed patiently, watching while he pushed, poked & proded my belly trying to get the best views to get his measurements. When he was reaching the end of his measuring...

*Baby is laying with it's hands under it's ear... like it's sleeping.
Just the same way it's daddy does*

...he informed me that it was about that time.

Ryan & I held hands as the tech got into the right angle for finding out the babies gender.

"Okay! Lets take a look here...soooo.. well it looks like the babies got it's legs closed pretty tight. Can't really get a good view.. but.. from this picture right here I would say that looks like a girl!"

"wow..okay! yay!"
"I told you!"

We were pretty excited. The tech then went back to get a few more measurments that he had missed, and poionted out that the baby started to move around quite a bit.

"Well, since she's moving so much, do you think we could go back and get a better, more clear view to confirm the gender? Just to be sure?"
"Oh yea! Sure. Lets just take anouther look here..."

Now right about here, is where things got a bit... well.. confusing.

In a split second, we heard the tech say "Oh!" as Ryan, Danielle, & I all saw the same thing as the tech. A very prominent... non girl... man-bit.

"uhm... I think.. you might have a boy.. actually."

I instantly looked at Danielle, to see if she was thinking the same as I was. She was looking at me with very wide eyes, as we both quickly looked down at Ryan who was still staring at the screen.
In that same instant, we watched his face.. just.. fall ever so slightly.

Now, not that he wouldn't be super excited about a boy! He just really REALLY wanted a girl... & after being told that he had his little girl.. only to hear "oops, nevermind."

I wanted to cry.

Ryan looked at me, smiled and "Okay, cool! I have a son."

You could tell the tech felt bad, and started to make jokes with Ryan saying how he was sorry, he was trying to be on his side. It lightened the mood and everything was okay. The tech finished taking the measurements as Ryan, Danielle & I started talking about our little boy.

"Okay! So thats about it! Was there anything else for you?"
"Uhm, did we get a picture of the gender?"
"Uhm, I generally don't take those..."
"Oh. Okay, if your uncomfortable thats okay."
"No, I'm okay.. but, normally I don't do that, because..well.. if it was a girl, would you want a picture of that. Of her.. you"


"Uhm... yes?"
"Oh, okay well I can do that then, gimmie one second."

At this point I was looking at Ryan & Danielle.. confused on why that seemed wierd.
I had seen those pictures a trillion times before. Niether of them seemed to understand either...
And then we hear that sound again..."Oh!"

We all quickly looked back at the screen.

"Well, If I hadn't just seen what I saw a few minutes ago.. I would easily say that this... is a girl you have here. yea... This looks like a girl...."


Ryan & I are squeezing eachothers hands at this point & Danielle has the most confused look on her face. We have no idea what to say... or how to react.

"What do you mean? I thought.."
"Well ya, but... That right there looks like a labia."
"Okay... So it's a girl then? You're sure?"
"Yup. I would pretty much say that this is a girl, lets just get a good angle so we can... oh..."

Oh geezus now what.

"Well, again.. That looks like a boy. I mean... well.. it could be a penis... actually that looks like the umbilical cord. So it could be a girl, or it could be a boy. I'm really not sure to be honest."

*This is the gender picture in question.Foot is to the left, the other leg is bent at the knee.. like a half criss-cross-applesauce... Baby bum is to the right.*


You have GOT to be kidding me.

The tech handed us all of our print outs, told us they would call us back if they needed anything else and we promptly headed upstairs to see Dr. Rockstar...
& My Momma ofcourse.

(For those who don't already know.. I'm lucky.. My mother WORKS for my OB.)

I started to show my mom the ultrasound pictures, and tell her what had happened. She had been there in the very beginning.. but as soon as he said the gender the FIRST time.. She headed back up to work... since thats all she was there for anyways.
She had MISSED all the rest of the fun.

Momma then proceded to show the ultrasounds to Dr. Rockstar.

"And he said he thought it was a what?... a boy?"
"Yea... well.. he said both.."

As I explained the story again... he continued to look at the ultrasounds.

"Yea... ya know. I can see where he was thinking that.. but that could also really be the umbillical cord... and that looks like it could be a know, Jaimie... These are just really not clear. i would not paint the nursery just yet.. I really don't think we can be sure."


But I trust Dr. Rockstar's opinion, ALOT.

So, in conclusion... we are waiting till the next ultrasound in about 2 weeks. I have a Maternal Fetal specialist appointment since my blood levels came back slightly elevated for spina bifida. Dr. Rockstar said he is really not concerned about it though, because my levels are only ever so slightly elevated... the appointment is just to be sure.

So HOPEFULLY... we will find out then!


Until then... I have some lovely pictures to gaze at. <3

*Baby Sucking it's thumb!!*

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


School is out, So hopefully, I can get back to being active on the blogs again... I really miss it. It was just waaaaay to difficult with school finals & moving & everything else...
We did a small update a couple days ago... I forgot to post it here, So here ya go!

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