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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cause you're amazing ...Just the way you are

Got the idea for this post from my fellow bloggee and wonderful friend Amanda from

The Forever Endeavor

 & she got it from her friend @
(Don't you <3 Blog Circles??)
- I loved it so much I wanted to do it too :)

I Am... content.
I Want... to be healthier.
I Have... a wonderful husband! <3
I Wish... I was still pregnant.
I Hate... Stupid people.
I Fear... Balloons.. and spiders... & things I can't control.
I Hear... Christmas Eve Sarajevo (Don't judge me)
I Search... for patience
I Wonder... if things will ever get better?
I Regret... not being more apart of high school...
I Love... my Mazda pug <3
I Ache... in my body, in my head, in my heart.
I Always... speak my mind.
I Usually... am late.
I Am Not... always feeling how I seem
I Sing... Even when there is no music.
I Dance... Even when people are watching.
I Never... sugar coat my true thoughts. ALWAYS honest.
I Rarely... trust people
I Cry... in front of NO Sometimes ONE. not even me...
I Am Not Always... a happy, smiling, non-bitchy person.
I Lose... my mind on an hourly basis :)
I'm Confused... why some people don't show appreciation for how MUCH I really do for them.
I Need... a JOB.
I Should... laugh more :)

Who are you??


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Anonymous said...

I saw this on both Amanda's and Kristina's blogs. I'm thinking about joining the club :)

Sherri said...

Let's see I have the same wonder, the FOR SURE the same I'm not!!! On the monday hop @ ftlob:)

Jaimie said...

sarah - its fun! i think im going to do it for each person in the house..

Sherri - i kno exactly what you mean.. nice to meet you! :)

Vic said...

i only wish i was still preggers when i gained weight(the holidays were awful) i hate stupid people as well...common sense these days isn't so common! thanks for being a huge part of ftlob...we're so glad your sharing it with each of us! enjoy your eve:)

Jaimie said...

I <3 FTLOB!! thanx for your comment

Lori said...

Following from Monday Mixed Bag- please come follow back -

Thanks, Lori

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