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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Burp Rags, cough drops, Rechargeable Batteries & The New Year

1. Desperate Housewives - It's good entertainment!

2. Burp Rags - Protects me from being thrown up on  
half the time...

3. Rocking Chairs - Better than bouncing on bed constantly

4. Bakery Story on Ipod - Fills up my time on what seems like endless boring days!

1. Relaxing hot baths - By myself or with the hubby!
2. Halls cough drops - Cherry flavored <3

3. Good karaoke nights - Cause no matter WHAT, you always laugh!

4. My little Sister, Danielle - She makes me SO proud :)

  1. Having a Job - Always good.

2. The New Year - Its new...

3. Tax return Season - Can't be mad at $$$

4. Food stamps - More helpful than I ever thought...


1. Littlest Sister Dani - Most awesomest Best Friend EVER.

2. My fan at night - cause I can't sleep without it.

3. Warmer days - I'm sick & tired of the cold!

4. Rechargeable Batteries - (Xbox360) Gaming fun can go 
on & on & on & on & on......

What Are YOU thankful for??




Amanda Moury said...

LOVE that you post things for everyone in your household :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amanda, I like how your blog is about everyone in your house. You guys are all so cute.

Jaimie said...

Awe thanx Ladies! it's fun for us to get together on the things we enjoyed each week

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amanda and Kristina. You should do more blog entries with everyone in the house.

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