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New to Legos In My Pocket??

Thursday, January 27, 2011

100??? holy crap...

Your the 100th customer!

...well no, not really...

 But this is the 100th post for LegosInMyPocket.

I sat back and brainstormed for an hour, trying to come up with a top-shelf subject for this very special moment in the life of our blog.
...and I came up with?



There were just too many great, not so great, big & huge moments that made up the last YEAR that I just couldn't decide!

...So I didn't...

Think of this as, the moments from our last year, 
that meant the most.
Pocket Legos Greatest Hits


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-Mallori said...

this video was beautiful.

Jaimie said...

thanx! :) its actually not my best.. it had a better version, were the timing was awesome.. but youtube didn't like it.. lol

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