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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gum Wall... YUCK!

What is this Wonderful Monstrosity you ask??

::Take a closer look::

Yup, That is right.
Chewed, used, nasty, stinky, GUM!!

For some reason, here in Seattle
this is actually a pretty big tourist spot.

(I'm gonna make you touch the wall!!!)

like most of the strange cool random unique wierd awesome treasures of our beautiful city...

You have to know JUST where to look!

Show me YOUR town's 
Hidden Treasures!!


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Kristina Ruth said...

I have a craving for gum now! lol!

Eschelle said...

that wall is so gross! Seattle looks just like gastown in Vancouver BC :D

-Mallori said...


You should consider participating in the photo swap I do each week! It's meant to show what you did during the weekend! You can find details about the idea at this post:

And here is a link to all the posts:

Jaimie said...

Kristina - Eeeew.. lol.. I don't think i will for AWHILE.
Eschelle - I googled it, wow... it really does! :)
Mallori - Thanx sweetie! I will havta check that out!

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