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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I NEED your HELP!!!

I recently stumbled across a darling new pebble on the beaches of the Bloggersphere:

And on top of EVERYTHING this site has to offer, they have a feature called "Blog of the Month'

Now this is not just any old enter-yourself ploy .. 
you have to be NOMINATED. 
so of course..what did I do? I scribbled in a nomination...

My DEAR friend Amanda writes a wonderfully amazing blog.

The Forever Endeavor

Recipes, pictures, letters to her man,
...Among many many others...
She brings light and smiles and warmth to everything she does!
(The same way she was back in High School)

And now I want to return the favor!

So my fellow Bloggers, help me out!

^ ^ Click this link here  ^ ^
& vote for Amanda! 

Thanks for your help!!!


Don't forget to heck out the newest features!

MFBLegos In My Pocket


Anonymous said...

Another blog I follow was also nominated so I went to vote for her. Then I saw Amanda was nominated and changed my vote! I really hope she wins!

Jaimie said...

:) Nice! thanx Sarah!

Amanda Moury said...

Aw you guys are TOO sweet, thank you Jaimie and Sarah :) xoxoxo *my virtual hug to you!*

Jaimie said...

Ofcourse dearie! We gotta get those votes up!

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