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Monday, April 30, 2012

Funny Funny hahahaha! (MFB Q's)

It's time for the MFB Question of the week!

MFB Lindsey asks:

"Funniest video you've seen on Youtube?"

This is just one of many... I love watching funny Youtube videos!
..I need to bring back SillySaturdays...

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pocket Memories RECAP

Have you checked out my 366 Pages over on my photo blog?

You should.. I will guarantee it will make you smile. :) 

He's a few of my favs from the last month:

Sometimes there is more than one photo, some times there is a video... Each one has it's own little story.

But I promise, it will be a highlight to your day! :)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

...I'm going back to school...

As I sit here on the couch staring at the computer screen… Wondering what to type next, I realize I'm lost. I'm lost in the thought that I start school in less than five days.
 Me! Going back to school!
 It's been 10 years… I almost don't know what to do with myself.
 Every time I start to think about it, 
the un-comfort of being in a new place I don't know. 
The nervousness of meeting new people I don't know. 
The unease of learning a new subject that I know absolutely nothing about… 
I have to admit, this is all extremely terrifying. 

Ryan, Being the sweetheart that he is… Tried to take me to the supply store to get stuff that I need, trying to get me into the excitement of it all. But instead of excitement, walking through the aisles with my hands full of pink school supplies… I started to think about everything That was looming... And I stopped breathing. 

Yup! Right there in the middle of Office Depot, hyperventilating in the kids crayons section, there's me having a full-blown panic attack…  
Over going back to school. 

Poor Ryan, I really don't know how he deals. 

When I began sobbing for no reason, it was everything in his power that he could do to not laugh at me. He just call me pulled me into his arms, told me to breathe and talked me through the whole thing… not that that was an easy task in itself. I was crying so hysterically you couldn't make out one word I was saying. Not that I would repeat any of the incessant na├»ve twiddling that I was babbling on about anyways.

 It only lasted a few minutes, and as soon as I started to calm back down Ryan carefully walked me out of the kids isle... When I'm upset, Ryan puts his hand on the back of my neck palm down to kind of relax me… 
we will walk this way, and it helps me feel centered. 

I'm sure to everybody else around us though, it looks like he's leading a very disobedient wife out of the store. A wife he has just scolded so badly so much she began to cry… 

Oh boy. Poor Ryan.. The looks that I've seen him get from the women around us, I don't know how he has put up with me for this long. If only they knew really how sweet & supportive he really is! I mean come on. Your wife tells you that instead of getting a job, shes gonna go back to school for almost a year... And he takes extra shifts at work! 


I know that in the end this will all be for the better. A great big step towards a wonderful new future... But that's the thing. I'm worried I won't make it that far... 

Wish me luck?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I Am... Hungry. ALL THE TIME.

I Want... an unlimited wardrobe.
I Have... the most retarded family (:
I Wish... math came easily to me.
I Hate... snotty people
I Fear...Oh Snap. Ifearalotofthings. Becoming to serious.
I Hear...Ryan being retarded. XD
I Search... youtube/tumblr constantly
I Wonder... how people can be so self-centered.
I Regret... watching 13Ghosts. eeesh.
I Love... being with people that understand me.
I Ache... in my tummy. (FEED ME NOW)
I Always... text <3
I Usually... make random weird noises.
I Am Not... your typical 16year old girl.
I Sing... in the shower
I Dance... when I'm home alone.
I Rarely... go to bed before Midnight.
I Cry... over stupid boys.
I Am Not Always...  as happy as I seem.
I Lose... my cool at random moments.
I'm Confused... 98% of the time.
I Need... a lifetime supply of Starbucks Carmel Frapps
I Should...  study for my math final ... O_o

I Am 


Check out her blog!
Legos In My Pocket

Who are you??

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Monday, April 23, 2012

I Want CANDY!! (MFB Q's)

It's time for the MFB Question of the week!

MFB Lindsey asks:

"Favorite holiday candy?"

Yuummm, I love candy in general!
... ooooh I'm hungry....

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Friday, April 20, 2012

It's MeMe ME! :)

OKay, So the Grumblies did a MeMe the a while back, & it looked like fun. 
Since she invited anyone to join in, I decided to take the bait!

MeMe Rules:
1- Photo of me
2-10 randoms


Randomly Random:

1. Right now I'm enjoying a delicious Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from MckyD's...YUM! :D

2. My husband & I like to have random contests with each other... Like food eating, wrestling, noise making, dancing & scary movie screaming.

3. I have to have music when showering or I become bored & fall asleep.

4. When I first started writing blogs, I used to capitalize Every Single Word.

5. I like to save little animals from being in the road... even little fergs. <3
(See todays 366 picture below!)

6. I'm very intolerant of citrus... but will still drink orange juice...
even though it makes it hard for me to breathe! (It's soooo yummy!)

7. I have horrible hearing, & tend to hear things 
very different then they were actually said. 
Me: Babe, come eat this sandwich that you wanted.
Ry: Naw, I don't want it right now.
Me: Babe! you asked for it! Why are you not eating it?
Ry:  ...*silence*...
Me: Babe! Come here.
Ry: NO! Your gonna beat me... *smiles*
Me: Uh! How rude!
Ry: What? 
Me: Why would you say you think I'm gonna eat you? 
Ry: *can't stop giggling*
Me: Not funny, babe. Rude.
Ry: *still giggling*

8. I'm going back to school on the 30th, and am very nervous about it... 
especially since I'm still trying to get pregnant.

9. My Hubbly thinks it is necessity that I purchase a unicorn peachie, a backpack, & Lisa Frank pencils before going back to school... otherwise, I won't be cool enough.

10. Since my husband & I are graveyard shift people, I tend to get frustrated if I miss the sun because I'm sleeping. So during the week I try to get up in the morning at about 10am, have a cup of coffee out on the porch in the sun, then go back to sleep.

  Q and the A time:

1. If you didn't have a/kid(s) right now where do you think you'd be?

Well, since we don't have any kids yet (unless you count Dani) then I'm gonna answer this backwards. Where do I think we would be if we DID have a/kid(s). If we hadn't experienced the miscarriage, our baby would be around 10 months old this month. We would be getting to know our baby more & more each day, and counting down the days, planning for that first birthday this summer. Our baby would probably be very attached to Niecie, since I'm sure Melissa & I would have them together as much as possible. We probably would have already moved, or would be closer to moving back to Spokane at this point as well.  

2. What's your most annoying trait?

 I talk WAY to much. I normally don't realize that it's to much and will go on & on until people are almost asleep. I also move my lips when other people are talking. Very subtly, like I know what your gonna say while your saying it. I don't even realize I'm doing it until it gets pointed out to me. And I mother. I mother EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. I don't mean to, its just who I am. 

3. Ryan Gosling or Taye Diggs?
Oh. Ryan. Definitely... 
(Because that's my Hubbly's name, of course!) ....yea right. ;)

4. When are you at your best?

When I'm around people that keep me calm, relaxed, & make me laugh.

 5. What is the answer to the universe?
Music, Laughter & Life.

6. What do you geek out for?
Babys & Pigs.
Bring a baby pig around me & I'll probably need sedation.


7. GLEE or Criminal Minds?
What do you think?

8. What is your superpower?
If I recognize an actors voice, I can tell you almost instantly what else they were in. You can also give me any two-line lyrics from a song & I can prob tell you what song it's from. 
If i had to choose a super power, it would be to control the weather. 
Ryan wants to be invisible.  :)

9. If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be?
For a short time, like a few years... Italy. 
But for the rest of my life? Probably here, in Seattle. It's home.

10. Favorite Blog?
To read? OMG there are so many... The one I check daily is my girlie Linds over @ Ot&Et. I can't get enough of that girl & her two adorable lil chitlins'! Also I tend to always read S.I.F., For The Love of Writing, Blogging Dangerously, A Grimm Tale, Time to Shine, My Beautiful Disaster, & Words Alone among many MANY others...  

Now I'm supposed to tag people. I would love to see what anyone has to say, so if you want to do it, DO IT!  Just leave me a comment letting me know you did so I can read them! :) But I guess I should do a few tags, so here it goes:

Lindsey @ Ot & Et
Melissa @ 25cent Romance
Danielle @ MyLifeofNonsense
All the gals I mentioned above in #10
And my 3 sponsors this month!

I know all of you will have wonderfully amazing answers, & I can't WAIT to read them! 
Good luck!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping for baby (MFB Q's)

It's time for the MFB Question of the week!

MFB Lindsey asks:

"What is your absolute favorite kids clothing brand?
Website please!!"

Since the only baby I shop for is Niecie, I really only go to one place. 
That place is the #babyclothesmecca called 

The little store they have here ALWAYS has such great sales! I took babygurl on a shopping spree during Christmas, & she got 1 whole outfit (pants,shirt,& cardigan) footie pjs, a suuupercute dress, hat&mittens, AND a babytoy...
all for only $60!

What about you? 
What is YOUR Favorite?

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


*Thanks to Poekitten for introducing me to this 
fun fun thing hosted by 5 minutes for Mom!*

Welcome Everyone!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Well Hello! Thanks for choosing to visit our little corner of the blogosphere! This is my first time at the Ultimate Blog Party, & I have to admit...

I'm excited! I cant WAIT to meet all of you!! 

So go ahead, take a look around, peek in my medicine cabinet, sneak into my closet, 
get a feel for the place... 

 I hope you enjoy your time in the pocket as much as I do!

So lets start with the Basics:

My name is Jaimie, & I'm married to my wonderfully goofy 4-year old of a hubbly, Ryan.
 We are so very different, & how we ended up is kind of a fun story.
 We live with my 16 year old sister, Danielle, her dad Eric, & 3 FurrBabies:
Danielle's Schnauzer Yogi... Our Pug Mazda... & Our Kitty Harley Ann Davidson.

We frequently spend time with my best friend Melissa (Or as I call her, Gibby) her husband Anthony, & their beautiful daughter, Annaise. She's our little "Niecie." They are our extended family, & we love them more than anything!

 Ryan & I have always dreamed of being parents, & in October 2010, we unfortunately experienced a miscarriage. It was very heartbreaking, but we try to stay positive, even when it seems relentless... & we are still trying! 
We are determined to become parents one way or another! Someday we will be. ♥

We live pretty basic lives here in the pocket. 
There are only a few big things going on here...

*Danielle has started drivers ED this month... yikes!
*Breanna is Pregnant!
*I go back to school at the end of this month to be an MA

  I try my best to post as much as I can here, but I will admit... My real life gets away from me... frequently. I try to stay funny, and smile, & laugh, & be fun here in the pocket... but sometimes life has its downs too. The way I see it though, without the downs, you can't fully appreciate the ups. :)
Well that's a lot about me, now I want to meet you!! While your exploring the pocket, make sure you Meet the Family & say Hi! Pop on over tho the Pocket Memories photo page to see what has caught my eye lately. Also check out out MFB Page... one of my top favorite monthly features. If you have a Facebook page, head on over and let me know so I can make sure to stop on by! You can even follow each of us on Twitter!

Jaimie                                     Ryan                                      Danielle
     @MrsJLRussell            @BuddaRizzle             @daniellemadafak

Melissa                                          Anthony
@Pastel_Thought                       @Irish_007

I love that you came to visit us, & hope you liked it enough to come back! You can follow us on GFC, (over on the right sidebar) Networked Blogs, or BlogLovin!

 Make sure you leave me a comment letting me know
 you came to visit so I can make sure to return the favor!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...Tic-Tac-Toe..Three in a Row...

...And my was he amazing...

Why does everything we enjoy, always seem better with quantity?
More ounces to the coffee, more square footage to the place,  buy 2 get the third half off,
 or even buy one and get one free...

Why do we never seem pleased with what we get?
 When is enough enough??

I ask myself these questions when I feel I'm being greedy. Hoping that some other voice will pop into my head and tell me its okay to think of ME every now and again...

And it is, no doubt...
but sometimes the things we are blessed with at the moment are meant to be exactly that... for the moment.

Lets take shopping.

Honestly, it makes me feel better. Walking into a place and having something catch my attention enough that I am willing to spend MORE time walking into the dressing room to the dutiful task of trying it on. And when I make the decision to spend the green.. I can sigh a little and feel the butterflies start in the pit of my stomach trying to figure out when is the soonest I will get to wear this new treasure!

But the saddest part?
Now I need to go to the next store to find cute shoes to go with the new outfit.. and jewelry from the next store... One-Two-Three.

There is always a 1-2-3 punch.

And later when I get my bank statement I will come to the conclusion that I SHOULD have just stuck with the first punch... and come back for the rest...

But I NEED It!
 Multiples to bring that orgasmic feeling of pleasure back 2 more wonderfully alluring times before I have had my fill...

...Speaking of...

One of the BEST multiples EVER discovered.

I really don't care if they are different each time as long as I GET them. Sure I feel bad for the poor stud-muffin gripping his side because of the stitch I just gave him, trying his best to hide his agony and play the handsome card.. I Feel for him.
But O! 
What you have just done for me was Sooooo worth your pain.

So sorry,  I guess.. No,  Not REALLY..
 but I do feel a little bad..
Does that count?

Oh boy.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LARGE sponsor ad WINNERS!!

I am a little behind on my blog, 
but I wanted to go ahead and announce
 the 2 LARGE AD giveaway winners!

SO much TV!! (MFB Q's)

It's time for the MFB Question of the week!

MFB Lindsey asks:

"What TV show are you 
totally addicted to and why?"

oh I Have so many... My DVR is always full!
...Just to name a few:



And without FAIL, starting back up today:


What about you?

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