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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is timing everything??


Is timing everything?
All the right things, always said at all the wrong times. Always wondering
"What if I had thought of that?"

... if I wasn't a perpetual ten minutes late to everything .. would my life be different?
 Id have to say i think this is a life battle we all deal with in one aspect or another in each of our lives. Something starts that maybe we didn't catch on to as soon as everyone else.. or maybe thought it better not to till the time was too late. 
What ever the reason time can be a GREAT enemy.
 Lets try and put in into perspective.

 what do we get with time? 
Older (grey hairs), maturity (puberty), confidence (loss of reality), 
understanding (bills), experience (aches & pains...and lots of Advil.
True to its natural ups and downs,
life likes to give us a roller coaster of stories to relate back to.
But do we ever learn?  
I know I don't.

 I know that when my alarm goes off for the ump-teenth time at 7:05 in the morning because I set it to go off earlier than needed.. and then chose to ignore it... I know I then have only ten minutes to get ready and leave so that I can catch the last break in traffic so I don't get stuck for an hour on the way to work. 
But I will still always hit that snooze one more time so I can pretend to sleep for 10 more minutes before giving myself a heart attack running around with my head cut off and then making that last ditch effort by going through my coffee stand line which in turn takes longer than just going into 7-11 and making my own. Then upon arriving to the freeway (which is already backed up to kingdom-come) it is then & ONLY then that I will remember that I forgot my cellphone at home. 

This is life. 
As soon as I am halfway through my coffee, relishing in the sweetness of the vanilla latte dream I am experiencing along with my mini granola bar... I realize that because I was late and forgot my cell phone.. I was able to enjoy this hour to myself. Listening to my music, sipping away. No phone calls, no worries.. 
 Just simple ME time.
Something we don't get enough of these days.
 I realize that in this day and age we are all in such a rush to get so much done all at once that we don't realize we are stressing ourselves into a place where (God forbid) the power goes out and I can't read my email or check that blog... If the wind blows to hard and I lose reception I might not get that phone call from my co worker... and if I stop to take a look t this beautiful sky in front of me, or smile at the child I hear laughing in the car next to me, or take a deep breath 

... my world might crash down around me.

 Time is a precious thing.
Instead of cramming it with a million things that must be done, one has to remember to take the time to appreciate all the things that have come from that already accomplished. Otherwise, what is the point of rushing to do anything at all if you cant sit back and enjoy the outcome of what you have already done?

Is timing everything?

 Yes, I have to say it is...but not in the sense that we must be punctual and on time, and fit all in that we can. But more in the sense that if we realize that what happens happens.. and whats meant to be will be.

The world will still keep spinning.
In the words of a wise, dear old friend:
"When standing on the railing of a bridge, looking down at the river passing slowly beneath you, like the river, you will suddenly know all there is to know. Why rush and worry? 
We will all get where we are going eventually." 


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Amanda Moury said...

Oh Jaimie my love your posts make my heart sing. You are such a honest/personal writer and I appreciate that :) xoxo

KLZ said...

Well, yes, timing is everything.

But timing isn't something you can control. If you weren't always ten minutes late things would like be much different. But who says they'd be BETTER?

Jaimie said...

Amanda - well thank you my Love! :)
KLZ - To-Shay my dear! This is VERY true!! :)

amanda said...

love this post! It's so true! It's amazing how timing can change everything!

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