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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An eruption of DRAMA..

With out drama.. would life go on?

Sometimes that's definitely something I wonder. No matter what you do, or where you go.. 
Drama ALWAYS crashes the party.
Sad thing? You always can see it coming.. you just turn your head and HOPE it bothers the person next to you instead of yourself. But however blissful your night has become, LOOKOUT.. because drama is peering its snidely little head around the corner and it has its eye on you.

Have you ever been in a situation that just steadily gets worse and worse no matter what you do? 
Yea, I've been there. 
Either your at work and you just got done doing something your actually quite pleased with, and your boss comes over to tell you how you did a great job, but either decides to dish up some maybe unneeded advice, or asks you why you chose that route.. which then leads to an answer that has you wishing you had bit your tongue. 
Or Your out with a girlfriend and you make a possibly not too nice comment about the geeky boy approaching only to find out that she had called him over to introduce him as her new main squeeze that she has been relishing about for the last three weeks. 
Even sitting with the Man of your dreams watching the football game.. and after a few plays realize he's real not pleased to find out your rooting for the opposite team than him..and really reeling into each play done by his boys... 
Any of these rapidly downward spiraling moments can have a tremendous affect on your weekend plans.. and sadly? Once the whirlpool starts.. you better grab a life vest and 
hang on for the ride.

what do we do when these moments occur?

there are a multitude of actions that can or undoubtedly will be pursued.
1. You can either keep trying to dig your self out, in turn burying yourself a full 10 feet deeper than you started.
2. Start immediately agreeing with everything that the opposites saying, which pulls you into the undecided "Now what?" category.
3. Stand Your ground firmly and fight till the death.. normally resulting in a very lonesome next few days
No matter which choice you pick.. you will end up wishing you had remembered you forgot something 5 minutes before and had not even been in this conversation in the first place. 
But seeing as you have your purse, your cell phone, your keys, & your coffee.. unfortunately you were completely un absent-minded and have to brave this menacing storm.
But just like a storm. It passes. And you ARE still standing.. 
shivering, uncomfortable, and maybe a little damaged.. but standing all the less.

and you move on.

That is the beauty of life.. it KEEPS going.
 Most likely after you, and who ever else was a part of this new age battle that was ensued are finished.. you will still compile ideas together... call each other for gossip and a wing man to new store sales, or sit down and enjoy your favorite takeout dinner & TV Series together. These small-battle confrontations are what build your foundations. Help you learn more about one another.. more about yourself.  Without these trial and error moments you would keep repeating the same boring episode of a day over and over and over...
Will life go on??
Well Thanks TO Drama You Can Happily Say YES.

Take pride in the fact that your day was eventful. 
That there was character to your day. 
That every time you turn around not everything is as planned and sometimes..
an eruption of DRAMA.. 
no matter how frustrating it can be.. can sometimes be all you needed to sit back and finally laugh at everyone else's BORING life.

You + LIFE + DRAMA =
New plot lines = new characters = new twists & turns =  
nothing the same as yesterday. 



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kutie_kitten55 said...

Yea... life does go on... but I would enjoy just ONE WEEK drama free... too much to ask? I think we both know its a tarded question..

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but a couple years ago, my first year in an apartment, my roommate was extremely critical and very disrespectful towards me. We started off as friends and I tried to be one. She didn't want my advice or suggestions. I could go on and on about what she did but I don't have the time. I kind of vented about her for my 100th post: Check it out if you want.

Jaimie said...

Sarah - I actually already read that one.. she was a little ridiculous.
Summer - ONE week would be nice. :) not possible, but NICE.

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