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Monday, August 1, 2011

(Practice) 30 Days of Lists...

This month I am doing all the original 30 Days of Lists
 as practice for the new installment 
starting on September 1st!

Here is a button to add to your post
if you want to play along!

Legos In My Pocket

List of prompts:

(1st - Introduction)
2nd - A few things about me
3rd - Things I'm good at
4th - I am looking forward to
5th - Today's Playlist
6th - Weekend Goals
7th - Least fav & Most fav words
8th - Blog goals
9th - What's in my bag?
10th - Favorite websites or blogs
11th - Wishlist
12th -  Date night ideas
13th - Weekly rituals
14th - DIY's I want to try
15th - Things I love about...
16th - On your shopping list
17th - Places to see in my town
18th - Words that are hard to spell
19th - Road trip must-haves
20th - Recipes I want to try
21st -  Celebrity crushes
22nd - Things you did this Summer
23rd - Today I saw:
24th - Guilty pleasures
25th - I make lists for:
26th - Things I'd rather be doing right now
27th - Books I'd like to read this year
28th - Lessons learned
29th - Vacations to take
30th - Favorite foods
31st - Today's to-do list

Feel free to click any of the above prompts 
to head over & join in YOUR interpretation!

...I tried to do this last month, & that just DIDN'T happen...
Hopefully this will be better timing, cause I NEED the practice!

Everyday I will post one of the prompts that they have already thought up, my interpretation of the list, & a new linky for everyone to show of their stuff!

 Feel free to join in! :D
This is what I'm gonna use:

Simple, sweet, & to the point.

What about you? 
What are YOU going to use? 
Fancy pens?   Pretty paper? 
Show me! 
I want to see what YOU have planned! 

Just use the linky below to join up & show off YOUR practice list tools!

*If you are interested in doing the newest

Legos In My Pocket
Click the button ^ above ^ to read more!


**All ideas & prompts for this I got from!**

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Legos In My Pocket

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