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Sunday, July 31, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

4. What had been the most horrifying place that you found hair (even just one) growing out of your own flesh? Did you show it to another member of the human race or shamefully and silently remove it?

Oh boy... well. I have unfortunately gone through this, but to my bestie Melissa's delight, 
I was NOT alone. I actually wasn't even the one to discover the random abomination. nope. That was HER pleasure.
I had JUST confirmed that indeed my frequent mood swings & tummy sourness was in fact pregnancy, & we were out at WINCO with our husbands. It was very busy, & we were trying to hurry through the produce section. I was in deep conversation with Mel when her face got all screwy. She reached up to grab what she THOUGHT was a dog hair off my chest... when in fact it yanked from my skin in a very uncomfortable manner. I yelped quite loud, which caused both our husbands (& a few random others in the store) to turn to see what had happened. The exchange of horrified looks traveling between Mel & I at that moment were priceless as what had JUST happened sunk in. Especially when I finally realized what it was.. & in fact WHERE it had came from.. & that she was still HOLDING it with her hand suspended between us..

"OOOOH MY GAAAWD!! HOw in the HELL was that growing from the middle of my CHEST!!"

Melissa in this moment, like any other best friend would, burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I instantly covered the space below my collar bones in fear that there where more while tears welled up in my eyes.
The husbands came to the rescue, swooping us to an empty aisle where I could collect myself & promptly beat my still cackling best friend. 

What about you???


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Kelley said...

That made me laugh!! I can't believe i am telling you this, but I have found a long one growing out of my left cheek- face cheek! Ewwwwww!!!!

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