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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's your movie??

1. If you could be the main star in any movie, what movie would it be???

 Oh My... I have a few:
First of  all, I LOVE planning events... ESPECIALLY weddings.. So,
Would be AWESOME. Would LOVE to do that for a living. 
Plus, that man is FINE.


Second, I LOVE food. I love to cook & bake. Someday, 
I want to travel to Italy to taste all that is delicious from that culture... So,
Who wouldn't want to live that carefree anyways?? 
.. & that man is TOO FINE!
...Though I would be okay with living that 
way WITHOUT fearing I'm about to die.
(I know SHE's not in Italy... that's just where I'D go..)

Lastly, & with no explaination:
Cause really... who wouldn't?? :)

What about you??


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Lisa said...

ohh i lovee love love grease... lol i use to have the cd soundtrack... lol i use to sing it everywhere and anywhere when i was younger hahah!

Kasondra said...

I would be in Kate and Leopold. It's such a fun movie and THAT man is fine as well!

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