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Friday, August 5, 2011

...It's all a waiting game....

Today I sit waiting... again.

For the third time in the last week I am sitting by my living room window, waiting for a man to show up. A man who is supposed to be on time. A man who is supposed to know what is wrong. A man who is supposed to fix all my troubles. 

That's right, I'm waiting for the cable man.

Comcast is supposed to come out and fix the problem that they caused a WEEK ago. After almost a dozen phone calls, tech tickets, different supervisors, & a ton of other mumbo-jumbo, they are finally on their way back out to visit my home.

What did they break to cause such UN-needed stress in my life??

Let me start by explaining that, in my house there is a large difference of opinion. Ryan, Danielle, & I all want Comcast high-speed internet & cable. Eric hates Comcast, and would rather forgo me paying the ENTIRE bill for Comcast, & just keep is Satellite dish instead.

...He's a stickler for change...

Now, the original technician that put in my cable must have forgot the 10-minute conversation we had had about my very unique situation, because he not only disconnected the satellite dish & all of it's wires, & took the little converter for it, but he also spliced into the wires that are for the satellite instead of just running new wires, rendering the satellite USELESS & Eric quite pissed off. 
(Especially since now at this point he has gone a week without satellite... 
which he IS paying for.)


So now, I sit & wait. 
Wait for this man to show up.
This man who I find irritating,idiotic,& useless...
& I haven't even met the poor guy yet.

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