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Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA's: The Good, The Bad..& the WTF???

Well, watched the VMA's last night...
(Whhhhy in the hell would I do that you ask??)

The CLOTHES ...of course!

The Good:

The Bad:

(Im Soooo tired of these ones...ugh.)

& the WTF???

I'm back & forth on this one. 
I like it, but I don't.. I don't know... 
(but I know I prefer it to her cheese-block hat.)

& Last but not least, my favorites from the night:

Selena always has such great style! 
I'm absolutely in LOVE with this dress,
It was my #1 pick for the night!

& of course you gotta love Beyonce 
with her gorgeous ensemble 
& her awesome announcement! 
She looks absolutely radiant.

Pictures via here & here

What about you? Did you have a favorite that I didn't show? 
How about a "what where they thinking?!" that I missed?

What did YOU think?


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