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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm being eaten alive...

I'm so nervous. 
In exactly 5 hours I will be at my first doctors appointment since it happened. 
(Which, in case your also in the same lovely PST mindset.. is WAY to soon.) 
I'm NEVER going to get to sleep.
So ofcourse, my solution is to blog.
I've been slacking on my blog so much... just haven't felt the want. I have nothing to write. I even tried to sit down and schedule out my photo challenges for my photography blog PocketMemories like I used to. That lasted all but 3 days. I just CANNOT shake this funk I'm in! I don't know what is going on... 
But it's SERIOUSLY pissing me off!
So here I sit. Waiting. Watching the minutes slowly tick by while DYING to eat the delicious cookies Danielle made earlier this evening...
Oh Yea, Forgot to mention, that because of this very important doctors appt, & all of the awesomely amazing tests that they are going to run, I have to fast for the 12 hours beforehand. That means NOTHING BUT WATER till after my 9am appt. 
The fatkid inside me is not pleased. She's actually quite livid at this moment. She keeps loudly threatening with growls & small twinges of nausea... & I just keep giving her more water. I swear she's going to eat me from the inside out. 
& of course my luck would have it that even though I'm not due to start my
"lovely lady time" for another week & a half... and I'm pretty regular with THAT schedule, 
it would figure that I start to spot a few hours ago. If I actually START, I'm going to be more than pissy.. seeing as I haven't been to see my Doc in at least four years..
so this HAS to happen tomorrow...
lady time or not. 
So my dear friends, If I don't get to update you later on how things went, & you do not hear from me again after this, it is because I have died from starvation or embarrassment...  
or, my fat kid finally gave up & ate me.


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