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Saturday, October 1, 2011

For the Love of Writing (With The Sarcasm Goddess!)

Oooooookay! Thanks to last months MFB Allie, I have a WONDERFUL treat for you this month! She's interestingly spunky & so hilarious you will be on the verge of tears. She sports a bright pink feathered mask, a vagina state of mind, & an addiction to WebMD.

She is the Sarcasm Goddess!

1. Tell us a little about yourself
What is it about this question that makes me curl up in a corner and eat my hair?  There is no tougher question to answer.  None.  
I suppose I could tell you that sarcasm completes me and I killed a bug 23 years ago and I still cry about it today.  True story.  
I was in the car with my mom and there was an itty-bitty bug on the window.  I thought it was on the outside of the window so I put my finger up to touch it like I was a prisoner reaching out to my loved one through the glass, and I squished it.  To say I was devastated is putting it mildly.  I imagined the bug had a family and they were all waiting for it to come home.  But he never would.
It was awful and I have to stop talking about it or I'll sob for a week.
That pretty much sums up my life.

2. What is your favorite Lazy Day routine?
Lazy?  Who me?  Silly girl.  I am NEVER lazy.  I never lay around in my pajamas going from the couch to the bed back to the couch and then maybe for fun, the bed again.  And I never beg the husband to go get me lunch and make me something yummy for dinner because I've been working so hard.

3. Why/how did you get started blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted millions of people to idolize me and covet my awesome life.
Or maybe it was because I want to be a published author and heard that I should create a platform, so I created a blog...and now millions of people idolize me and covet my awesome life...or something.

4. What is your favorite "Lose Yourself"
book of the moment?
Ooh Snickers.  And Peanut M&M's.  And popcorn!
Oh! Puppies!
I'm sorry, what was the question? now I'm reading The Help. 
It's good, but I wish I had read it before I saw the movie.

5. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Well...I love to write... and um, writing and stuff, so...For the Love of Writing it is!  Was. Bacon?

6. What is you favorite movie of the moment?
I'll take an easier question for $400 Alex.
Hmm... I just watched this movie called Piranha which is about, wait for it...piranhas!  I know.  I was surprised too.  I mean all the things that could be in a movie titled Piranha, I never would have imagined a piranha would be one.  And there wasn't just one piranha, there were bajillions of them.  But there were also people.  And boats too.  And water.  Which made me wonder why the movie wasn't named one of those things.
It took awhile for my mind to come to terms with this, but when I finally did I enjoyed it and thought it was awesome.  In that fish with razor sharp teeth rip the flesh off of humans kind of way.

7. What is your favorite thing to blog?
Humor.  Clearly I am hilarious.
I also like to sharpen my writing skillz by posting short stories and flash fiction.

8. What is your top "sing&dance your heart out" song of the moment?
Finally!  An easy one.  I have TWO favorites, cuz I'm a rule breaker.
Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen
Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

9. Link the top 3 favorite blogs you wrote, & tell us what was behind your writing them.
Ouch.  It's like you're asking me to choose my favorite child.  I love all my posts cuz they are all awesome sausage.
Okay, that's not true.  AT ALL.  There are some posts I go back and read and cringe.
Two of my favorites Tale of a Bridesmaid and This Was a Bad Idea aren't even on my blog anymore.  I entered them in a writing contest and until I find out the results, I cannot have them published on my blog.  I like Bridesmaid because I wrote it before I even had a blog, it was inspired by an email to my friend J, and finally pushed me to start a blog.
This Was A Bad Idea tells about the night I tried to create a Facebook page.  Let's just say it did not go well.  But thankfully I was able to turn it into, what I think, is my funniest post of all time.
Isn't it awesome of me to write about two posts that you guys can't go read?  I'm pretty sure that's a terrible blog marketing strategy.  Good thing I don't have a job in marketing.
(You guys don't realize it, but that statement is hilarious because I do have a job in marketing.)
My third favorite is about my friend's bachelorette party.  Or maybe it's the one about how I'm employee of the year.  Or the time the husband made out with a lamp.  Golly, it's so hard to choose.  They're all so good.
On a totally unrelated note, did you know I was voted Most Humble in high school?

10. Who/what do you want to be when you 
"Grow up"?
A published author.

11. Link the top 3 blogs you read. 
Your "Daily Must Checks"

You really want me to be stabbed, don't you?
This question would have been so much easier to answer six months ago, cuz six months ago blogs were just some words, albeit awesome words, I read on a screen.  My now I know the people behind the blogs, developed friendships with them. So picking just three of my favs is absolutely impossible.
Honestly, the anxiety is building.  Do I have to answer this?
Okay, here goes, but just remember that I LOVE all my bloggy friends equally and in fact, you should check out my side bar to see all the blogs I love and you should go check them out and read them all.
In no particular order:

12. Describe/show your top "Can't live without" Item

The husband.  He's tall.  Has dirty blond hair. Makes me laugh.  Puts up with my shenanigans.

13. Whats your favorite time of the year?

This time!  Right now!  Fall/winter.  The tri-fecta of holiday awesomeness - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - not to mention football season!
14. What is something you would like to try in the future of your blog?
 Um, being more awesome?  It's really not as easy as it sounds.

15. If you could re-live any moment in your life, 
when & why?
 My wedding day and honeymoon.  It was quite simply the best time in my life.
The day I peed my pants in front of my entire senior class was pretty awesome too.  That's definitely a close second.  Wait...what? 

*Oh, and I also want to give mad love and big sloppy puppy kisses to Miss Allie, who nominated me for this awesome feature.  Muah!*

She's just awesome isn't she?? I'm so HAPPY to have been introduced to her little corner of the world. I know you need to take the time to change your pants from laughing so hard ya pee'd... but when you come back, head over to her page for even more!

Maybe make sure your caught up on your laundry first, 
wouldn't want to run outta clean pants :D


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