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Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's happening.. I FINALLY got a call back from a really god job opportunity... 
The one at Melissa's work...
and they want to give me an interview... a phone interview.... TODAY. 
oh boy. 

So here I am... sitting by the phone, resume open & ready to go, just WAITING for that phone to ring.

They are supposed to call at 3pm. I'm sooooo Nervous! I've never had a phone interview before... Gibby says not to worry, That I have a good "phone voice."

Not sure what that means... 
Does that mean I sound bubbly?
Does that mean I sound adult?
Does that mean I sound like a 1-900 lady-of-the-night operator???


I'm hungry, but to worried to eat. I really would love this job. We don't really NEED the money.. but it would be nice... & I'm beyond BORED sitting at home all day. 

Oh no... the phone is ringing...

Wish me luck!


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