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Friday, February 18, 2011

This was a hard one for me.

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Day 17
A picture of something that has made a 
huge impact on your life recently.

This was a hard one for me. 

In October 2010, (about 5 months ago)
I found out that my biggest dream had come true:
I was pregnant!
...& I was 1 month along.... 

I was so excited.. but also nervous...
because from before I even took the test to find out I was pregnant, I knew something was wrong. A week after the good news, my worst fears were confirmed.

I had lost the baby.
I've never felt so damaged.
I've never felt so hurt.
I've never felt so...lost.

It took awhile for me to even leave my bed. 

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I still think about it almost every second of every day.
...& it still hurts more than ever...

but I have learned a lot.
& I will take that with me for the rest of my life. 

& When I AM pregnant again.. 
I will cherish it even MORE.


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Slidecutter said...

There is little than anyone can say, few words of so-called wisdom, that can take away your hurt and I won't venture into that territory.

All I can offer is something real, stated here in my comments; prayers, good thoughts and a hug from someone who understands.


-Mallori said...

Jaimie, I love this one too.

You and your husband are going to be amazing parents some day, and I mean that sincerely.

Jaimie said...

Patty - just that means more than you know. thank you :)

Mallori - i do hope so.. some day SOON would be great too.. ;)

Jill said...

oh my goodness :( ....oh man! thank you for trusting us enough to share that on your blog. that's beyond brave of you.

Jaimie said...

Thank you Jill!

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