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Monday, February 28, 2011

Love Letters

It's the last day of February.

The month of
<3 LOVE <3

So, to celebrate on this last day, I'm thinking a few Love Letters are due.


Dear Ryan,
Thank you for taking such good care of your sickly wife. Getting me tissues & juice, watching my girlie shows, even taking me out for the hot tea & WonTon soup 
 I just HAD to have.
I <3 You!

Dear Nyquil,
Thank you for being so amazing at drugging me up so I don't feel the sickyness...
(Though I could do without the whole drunk feeling if I don't want to sleep!)
I <3 You!

 Dear Mazda,
Thank you for never leaving my side ALL week while I was sick, even if it meant taking up my ENTIRE side of the bed for your incredibly teeny body, furious sleep kicking, and loud bulldog-pug snore
I <3 You!

Dear V8 Mango-Peach juice,
Your so delicious, so sweet. Perfect at any temperature, wonderful with any meal!
How did I ever live without you?
I <3 You!

Dear Roomies,
Thank you for being the most understanding, loving, fun, hilarious, & down right 
amazing people we have EVER had the pleasure of calling family. 
We laugh with each other, we tease each other, 
we irritate each other, we want to kill each other.
Even through all our high points, & all our low points,
We'd never want to go through ANY of it with anyone else!
You two are our BEST friends.
I <3 You!

Dear Desperate Housewives,
Your constant drama filled lives reminds me I don't have it that bad. 
Plus, I love snuggling with my hubby just to watch you.
I <3 You!

Ladies of Girls Night,
You gals give me something to look forward to each week. No matter if its learning how to lose at poker, prank calling pizza joints (& husbands) or simply gossiping away while you be guinea pigs for my latest baking experiment. You girls light up my life!  
I'm proud to call you my closest friends!
I <3 You!

Dear old sweatpants, 
Your worn so thin, I have to roll you to keep you up, & you have holes in the bum, but no other pair of comfies make me feel quite as happy as you. 
I <3 You!

 Dear Danielle,
 Your the most amazing kid I've ever met. Plain & simple. We've always been close, & that will NEVER change. No matter what you will always have me there to back you up, help you fall, pick you up, help you cry, watch you smile, & make you laugh.
Since the begining, it's been me & you. 
That's how it will be till the end 'Chitlin.
I <3 You!

Dear Cellphone,
You tell me the time. You give me phone calls. I can text, email, surf, & blog with you. You take amazing pictures. You keep my calender up to date. You have awesomely addicting games. you even let me check-in at places for the useless badges that I adore so much.
your EVERYTHING (almost) I need! ;)
I <3 You!

Dear Niecie,
Thanx for just being plain awesome Chunky Monkey!
You remind me to smile when I almost forget how. 
I <3 You!

Dear hippo,
When i'm sick, When I'm sad, When I', sleepy, When I'm mad.
Your the BEST cuddle buddy a girl could ask for.
I <3 You!

Dear Teej
After this long, and your still there for me when I need you. You always know EXACTLY what I need too... Even if I don't need anything other than a "hello. :)"
I <3 You!

Who would YOU 
write Love Letters to??


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Vic said...

i love this! so great when people/medicine take care of you when ur sick! i personally love the puppy snores! haha! i wish we could get a dog ;) looks like you have some of the best friends and jammer pants anyone would love to have! have a good day hun! xo

-Mallori said...

this is great! Such a good love letter!

Jaimie said...

Thanx ladies! :)

Tina said...

I stumbled across your blog (through My LIttle Life) and wanted to say I love it so far! Well done!

Jaimie said...

Awe thanks! And welcome! :)

Jaimie said...

Awe thanks! And welcome! :)

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