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Friday, February 25, 2011

You wanna do my Make-up??

Not that im HUGE into fashion...
But every now & again, things will catch my eye.

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine &,
These are some of the makeup trends we can look forward to for 2011:

Wine hues were top choice on the runways.
Try a Merlot, a deep burgundy, even a Sangria shade will do..

No more waterline only!
Eyeliners got the bump up!
Try adding a little attitude to your style with a sexy, yet bold winged cat eye.

Though Autumn is the season for Little Black Dresses, don't let your look fall short!
A splash of color on your lips or eyes
can be just enough, without being to much...

Pass on the big sassy lashes,
 Fall faces were flawlessly glowing!

 Speaking of Little Black Dresses, Smoky eyes are a definite wardrobe staple.
Mix it up! 
From smoldering to hazy to downright sexy.

Normal smoky eyes not your style?
Glamor them up  with heavy pigments in metallic silvers and slates.
What was the "it" color for eyes this season?
Everything from soft mattes to bright shimmers for the autumn season.


See the article HERE


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Jamie Walker said...

Oh the cateye eyeliner is so hard for me, I'm going to try! I just just scared that I look like I'm on drill team or something.

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