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Monday, February 21, 2011

Understanding Confidence ....& shoes


 Its amazing how that one little word can not only mean, but DO so much.

With one right choice of a pair of shoes that you find irresistible, which in turn leads you to search for an outfit you can wear them with, which brings you to the CUTEST dress you've ever seen, you decide against the little voice in your head & splurge on yourself and buy it even though that voice is shouting a million reasons why you shouldn't. 
Its to short. Its too bright. Its not you. You won't ever wear it again... 
You still do. And you go home, fluff the hair, paint the face, squeeze it on, and Wah-Lah!
One last  little look in the mirror to make sure everything is right...& it happens. That last second when there is NO time to change your mind you start to wonder if that little voice was right..

and why??

You were sooo ready for that outfit. You were sooo excited... so CONFIDENT. 
What happened??

  Like always you can catch yourself over analyzing with the "What-ifs?" Those miserable little thoughts that will never leave you be to live care free. Honestly I wish the President would pass a law against these thoughts...but until that day? You deal.
  You take a deep breath and say "screw it! I'm already dressed." and with a giant push of last ditch spirit you head out for your night on the town,  & to Your Amazement?? 
Everyone LOVES it!
They tell you how AMAZING you look.. how they love this and that, they have never SEEN you look so great..the confidence rises and rises. So you take MORE chances. You dance a little more. You smile a little bigger. You even Flash a coy smile at that guy thats been eying you... and the best thing is that that cloud nine doesn't pass with the breaking of the new dawn. Nope.. You ride that wave for what feels like days..

Till soon you see pictures from that night.  Your inner voice takes over like a over-bearing mother in law trying to prove her nasty point.

  You sulk deeper and deeper into lack of confidence that takes more to get rid of than what you had before this whole mess. This ridiculous roller coaster of self acceptance.
 what is the point??

No matter how you feel there is always another day that makes you feel all worse again... and then another will come around and you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself in the first place because you feel so AMAZING.

This ongoing vicious circle is relentless.

The saddest part of all? there is NOTHING you can do about it. 
It will happen.. 
spanning from ANY small attribute of your day... 
Don't try to fight it. Instead, embrace it! 
Realize that tomorrow is another day. No matter what the outcome, nothing is better than a night that ends with you feeling like a star

...and besides.. you should never let anything or anyone..
not even your little voice..

talk you out of those amazingly cute shoes...

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Slidecutter said...

Shoes!!! I'm one of those who buys shoes first, then the dress, handbag and never, ever have a problem putting together the perfect outfit.

That probably makes me, you and everyone like us certifiable but..I love shoes!

Come over sometime and I'll take you on a shoe tour...lolol

Love this post, Jaimie!!


Ashley said...

oh my goodness. This is described perfectly!And those shoes??! How frickin adorable!

<3 Ash

Barbara said...

Those shoes are gorgeous... thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words. If Ryan thinks there might be any of that chocolate left he is sadly underestimating David's capacity to eat large amounts of it without throwing up :O)

Jaimie said...

Patty - oh my gawd id LOVE too! :) im such a sucker for heels... ;)Thanx!

Ashley - I kno huh? I WANT a pair!!! Thanx sweetie!

Barbara - your welcome! :) And thank YOU as well! Ryan's only comment was "I figured...dammit.." lol

Amanda Moury said...

Those ARE really beautiful shoes! Confidence is a beautiful thing too ;)

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