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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bookworm Extravaganza!

See my full list: HERE 

Day 23
A picture of your favorite book.

I have waaaaay too many!

Can't forget this one! :) ...It's like my bible...

There are sooooo many more.. but those are the Top 5!

What are yours?


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Lisa said...

my fav boook of all time so far is called 90 minutes in heaven, by don piper... such an amazing story!

XoXo Lisa

-Mallori said...

I too am a reader!

How are the Janet Evanovich books? I haven't been able to get past the first one, Just haven't had time!

The House of Night books (Marked, etc.) are set close to my hometown! Utica Square is real!!! (fun fact for the day about Mallori)

Jaimie said...

Lisa - I will have to look into that one! Thanks! :)

Mallori - I LOVE them! they get kinda repetitive after like the 12th one... and the in-between novels are a bit strange... but I love them! Once you get past that first one, and meet everyone.. (like Ranger..YUM) & get to know the characters more.. you'll be HOOKED!! :)
& I LOVE the house of night books! I just found out there were four more.. i need to get to the bookstore... ;)

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