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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still didn't make it in time!!!

I didn't catch the whole EST part.
O well, I WILL get in on the next one!


1.  Water
This is outside our apartment,
right next to a pretty little gazebo. 
Its a great place to remember how to just breathe..

2. Quote 
This is my favorite quote. 
I tend to repeat & use it frequently.
The one who these words belong to, is quite smart...
for a  Silly ol' Bear. :)
3. Window 
A Church up the street from Ryan & I's first  real home.
Though neither of us are very religious, 
we still found ourselves there 
seeking answers to our troubles & peace for our hearts 
on many occasions. 
It will always hold a place with us. 
4. Activity
...Niecie's new favorite pastime...
She's FINALLY big enough for her bouncer!

5. Page 25 of a Magazine 
Cosmo Magazine is on of the 3 magazines that grace our home.
(It tends to be the only one I read.)

Page 25 was some add for who-knows-what 
all I know was that there were these HUGE brown eyes,
which gave me an idea...


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Becki Jacket said...

I really need to learn how to do my makeup like that.

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