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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plus size models = low self esteem?

According to a new Arizona State University study, when women see a PLUS sized model in an ad or a commercial, instead of this making us feel good about ourselves, because we can relate, it actually LOWERS our self esteem. Making us feel WORSE about he way we think of ourselves.

Are they serious?

How can FINALLY looking at women who are NORMAL sizes make me feel worse about MYSELF?! Its when I'm looking at the chicks in the magazines who are skinnier than even THEY are (since it been PROVEN that almost ALL magazines photo-shop & edit their pictures.) that I start feel self critical. Why can't I just start losing weight the way I want so i can fit into that shirt like that? Cause if I'm anything, i AM a realist, and I know DAMN well that shirt aint gonna look like THAT on me.

Thats why when I read “We believe it is unlikely that many brands will gain market share by using heavy models in their ads,” says Naomi Mandel, marketing associate professor in the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, I literally get heated. seriously?? What skinny ass chick thinks that this is true?? and if this is REALLY how you feel, "plus sized' or not, do you not realize that you ONLY feel that way because that's how we have been CONDITIONED to think because of ads with SKINNY ASS CHICKS playing NORMAL PEOPLE? really ladies.. lets think about this!

If more companies continue to follow suit by using more normal or plus sized models, the way that people think of the way we look WILL change!

Whats sad, is most women would probably not even THINK that they feel WORsE after seeing a plus-sized model... until its shoved in their face this way, with reasons and statistics showing them that its how so many OTHER women are feeling, so why don't you?

its ridiculous.

I'm not going to tell you to love yourself for who you are. you have to come to that conclusion yourself. but what i WILL say is don't let SOCIETY tell you how you should look, be, or FEEL. They already tell us what we should wear, that we NEED to be successful & self sufficient (not that I'm against any of this) but if we allow society to tell us how we are supposed to FEEL.. what do we have left that WE control??

I will not become part of the masses. I will NOT be controlled. I will be ME.

I will LOVE me... FOR me... 
what about YOU??

See the article for yourself :
Yahoo "Plus-sized" article

Read more on the study:
ASU "Plus-Sized" Study



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Mry Jhnsn said...

I am a real woman and proud! That study can bite my round ass ;)

Glad I found your blog!

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