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Thursday, February 3, 2011

uhm.... YUCK.

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Day 11
A picture of something you hate.

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MFBLegos In My Pocket


-Sam I Am- said...

HOLY BIG BUG!!!!!! Hahaha..

I love that 30 day challenge thing though! Way cool :)

Anonymous said...

I'm no arachnophobe but that thing looks GROSS and SCARY! That is one big spider!

Slidecutter said...

Beyond Gross and me the chills just looking at it!

Amanda Moury said...

DIS GUSTING! EW! GROSS! NASTY! lol I hate spiders too love.

Jaimie said...

Haha Oh I know huh? I HATE them.. And that night that I wrote about (The See why HERE post) was absolutely Horrifying. I STILL can't drape my arm over that side of the bed! :)

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