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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahaha! EARLY this time!

  I have yet to make it on time for this darn Photoswap hunt, UNTIL NOW!!


1. Shadows
We pulled over on the side of the road to do this...
Cause the sun was juuuust right there.
I <3 my goofball hubby!
2. Patterns/Repetition
I was confused why this neighborhood needed a reminder 
every block that there was a BUMP. 

3. Bright White 
I love taking pictures of Orchids.
I can't keep them alive any other way :)
4. Strong 
This is a moving statue in downtown Seattle. 
Its always given my that "STRONG" vibe... 
5. Warmth
 This fun little dangle hangs outside my front door. 
It always makes me smile
...especially on sunny days...


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Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful captures this week - I really like them all but I have to laugh at your repetition shot. It's kinda funny that there were so many reminders.

Kim said...

I love your orchids! (And I love Seattle)

Jaimie said...

Ashley Sisk - Thank you! I know huh? I had a really cool shot of a new housing development I was gonna take.. but i saw that road on the way there and couldn't stop laughing. & I choose the funnier shots any day! :)

Kim - Thanks! (Seattle is one of my favorite places!) :)

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