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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attack of the Night Creepies

I HATE Spiders. 
Not only do I dislike them, dispise them, Do anything I can to AVOID them...

So it is safe to say that late last night, I was ambushed.

Ryan & I had gone to bed early since he had to work the morning shift at 6am, & were cuddling to fall asleep. But after a very short period of time, I quickly grew overheated and uncomfortable. I kissed Ryan on the head and realized unfortunately, He couldn't sleep either. So I rolled over and grabbed the phone. I figured i would play games, Twitter, & facebook untill I grew sleepy. At least until Ryan fell asleep.
I could tell Ryan was just starting to fall asleep when he started to twitch. his body always gives these little random twitches when he's just starting to drift into dreamland..Along with his twitches though, comes my restlessness. His little random movements make me hyper aware of whats going on around me. the fan is squeaking, the dog is snoring, the computer is blinking, my arm is itching. 

For some reason though, the itch on my arm feels wrong.
Have you ever had that feeling like there is a stray long hair caught on your arm?
Thats what it felt like... but weird. 
So in my sleepyness I look down, using the phone as a flashlight. & what do I see? 
Clinging to my arm, right in the middle of my bicep is one of these:

I froze for about half a millisecond before screaming.

My knight with sleepy hair Ryan sprang outta bed so fast & jumped into action, trapping the ridiculous creature on the bed under a water bottle. 

I was cowering in a corner.

"Babe, I need you to grab me a tissue... or do you want me to take it outside?"

"NO I DON'T WANT YOU TO TAKE IT OUTSIDE! I want you to stop talking & FLUSH IT! NOW!!"

After the deed was done I was still crying in our doorway, where Ryan came over to console me. 
"It's okay hunnie, your okay. What can I do Babe?"

He then, per request, pulled all of the blankets and pillows off the bed one by one, inspecting every inch. Checking the corners of the bed by the wall, helping me find sweats, long socks, and a long sleeve shirt, and a new clean blanket to wrap up in.

I know this sounds obsessive but let me explain:

When I was VERY little, Toddler age, I was accidentally exposed to the movie "Arachnophobia".
Now as ridiculous as I have heard this movie is, (since I don't really remember much) in the eyes of a toddler it is a worst nightmare. I had never been a fan of bugs in general but my mother remembers the day clearly & has said that since that day I would turn white at any sign of a spider. As I grew older I noticed I would wake up from horrible nightmare of bugs, (normally ants) but also in large parts, spiders, covering my entire body. I would never really screamed, but I itched. I would itch so badly in my sleep that when I finally woke myself, I would have bloody scratches all over my body. These Night Terrors went on for years, & I would even keep my nails down to nothing to keep myself from the painful scratches since I couldn't stop the terrors. Eventually the dreams died away, & only happen once or twice a year, but when they do.. I feel like I'm 4 years old again. 

So as you can see, the LAST thing I want is to experience a night terror. & while I am bawling my eyes out and scratching away at any body part I can before Ryan scolds me, I  am desperately trying to think of ANYTHING I can to get my mind off of what just happened.

This is easier said than done.

I was so tired and mentally wiped out that I just stood there in the doorway of our room, sobbing, trying to decide if I should try sleeping on the couch, or crawling in bed with Melissa & Anthony. 

But quick thinking Hubby has another solution. After getting me dressed so I can't itch & swaddled so I feel safe, he pours me a nice big shot of ...yes that's right... NYQUIL.

I was so shook up I didn't even question it while I drank the thick cherry liquid. I crawled onto Ryan's side of the bed all curled up in a ball and according to Ryan, was out within seconds..

& Slept till 2pm. 

Nice try Mr. Spider.. your not gonna ruin MY day. :)


Natural Selection said...

Dear Mrs. Russell. I know you believe my plans to be foiled but while you disposed of my i had my ninja spider brethren lay eggs strategically around your room. WE SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!!

LegosInMyPocket said...

ugh! MEAN!! ;) now how the hell am i supposed to sleep... Mr. Comfy Couch here I come... lol

rebecca said...

OMG, I hate spirders too... so gross and horrible

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