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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Such an 80's kid

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Day #8:
Things that remind me of my childhood

-Reed grass & apple trees 
*This was a major part of  where I played. Complete with a little creek & strategically placed board for a bridge, fort, & a homemade rope swing.

-Jelly Pens

-Donkey Kong & Mario 
*Who would I be without them??

-Flier's Up 
*A neighborhood made game where you threw or bounced a tennis ball as high as you could over a cable bar that went over the sidewalk. Someone else would catch it, & become the Flier... We were imaginative children, & did NOT want to go inside!

-Flashlight Tag

-Sugar Sandwiches 

*Another wonderful experiment gone Ahhh-MAZING!

-Puppy Surprise 
*The little stuffed HASBRO puppies, with the babies inside...

-Mason Jar Bee Races 
*Another neighborhood creation. Everyone gets a mason jar, & runs around all the azaleas on the street, catching as many bees as you can... then, put the lid on... and race the jars across the cardboard. (because of the vibrations from so many bees!)

-Tootsie pops 
*you KNOW you counted... like 50 million times... :)


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