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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Come away with me...

Okay.. it has been a LONG week.

(I say this, because it is ONLY Wednesday.. & already it's unbearable.)

I need a way to get away, relax, & unwind.
...Somewhere where the wine flows freely...

And now I've found it!

Apex at

"The view is breathtaking – the bounty, endless."
Set atop a series of arid, sparsely vegetated ridges that shoot up nearly 1000 feet at their highest point above the great river below. It’s a little piece of heaven. This hot landscape receives just 5 inches of rain each year, on average, and it’s precisely this climate and the steep, south-facing slopes that make Alder Ridge the perfect spot for growing high quality wine grapes.

"The natural diversity of the vineyard
allows us to create complex, bold 
wines that you won’t soon forget
once you pop the cork."

The region received Horse Heaven Hills AVA certification in August 2005 and is now one of the most prestigious grape growing regions in Washington State. Also,

"90” Points Wine Enthusiast - March 2010

Now THAT sounds more like it!

And the greatest part?
My friends over at Juice In The City are offering another one of their amazing offers:
50% off!

For the next 30 hours you can get $40 worth for only $20!!!

...That sounds pretty awesome to me...

What am I still doing just sitting here?!
I gotta go call the girls!!

to see more &

Come join us??


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