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Friday, September 16, 2011

I hate doctors..

They all suck butt.

ESPECIALLY when they don't LISTEN.

I tooold them that I have major anxiety. I tooooold them that I would probley freak out.
I toooold them it would be easier if Ryan could stay with me until they hooked up the IV, which I was told would be perfectly fine.
That is ofcourse until the moment actually came and they decided:
...naaah, that's not gonna happen.

"She'll be fine. Jaimie, your fine..." 
when I started crying a little out of absolute fear,
(and alot of different drugs in my system)...
you know.. small little tears.. small sobs. Then the dentist actually said to me:

"Jaimie, you need to buck up."


I'm in a very small confined space, with two people I do not know, sitting uncomfortable with alot of unwanted drugs in my system, battling my best against my wost feelings of anxiety.

...and YOU have the audacity to tell me to "BUCK UP"?!?!

Thankfully I don't remember much after that... but the handsome hubby came to my rescue. Picked me up and got me out of there. He told me later that apparently even though I had a ton of IV sedative in my system, my adrenaline was to high and it wasn't allowing the IV to take me fully under. I wouldn't stop moving, wouldn't let them touch me, not even to take me out to Ryan. I have this lovely bruise from the IV to prove it:

( I know, this looks like a chubby little leg, but this IS in fact the inside of my elbow...)

 He did assure me though, that even though I know I probably reeeeally wanted to, I did NOT smack anyone... (Which I have a bad habit of doing when sedated.)

**Side note from Hubby**
Once home, And safe in bed... snuggling with Ryan while he watched T.v. I apparently was starting to just drift to sleep, when I violently twitched. Ryan didn't move or speak, unsure if I was still asleep, when (much to his enjoyment) I mumbled:
"...tripped over a tree stump.."

"mmhmm... okay baby."
he assured me while trying with everything in him not to laugh hysterically.

Sometimes, I HATE love him so, so much.

So, in conclusion, as I earlier tweeted:

We'll have to try again later...
So, until next time! :)


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