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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you serious?!?!?!?!

..please excuse my absence...

I know I've not been around the past few days,
& I can guarantee I will be absent for a few more...
I'm trying to get my house ready for impending doom.

or in otherwords:
Me being out of it trying to recover from the removal of this:

Yup. THAT thing laying down on it's side is my back WISDOM TOOTH. uugh. I have never had any teeth pulled or anything before, and when this one cam in I knew something was wrong. I got really sick, was in alot of pain, even got a huge infection down the whole side of my jaw. But when I took the meds to clear that up, the pain went away. Yea, the tooth gave me a little trouble here & there... but for the most part I got used to it. I did notice a huge spike in my teeth clenching & migranes, but I figured all of the was from stress from recent events...

Well yes, stress & the fact that I have a giant TOOTH lodging it's way into my JAW!


So on Thurday, I get to go in for my first ever "Surgery."

& to be honest, I'm absolutely petrified.

I don't do doctors, nurses, or dentists... (hence how this GOT so bad!)
I also do NOT do shots or gas-masks.
i have Waaaaaay to much anxiety & wil actually go into a panic attack.

Fun for me, riiiiiiight?


But because my MIL is so awesome, She has set up with her boss
(She works in a dental office) that I will come see him.

Why is this better you ask???

Because instead of Novocaine or Laughing Gas,
to knock me silly on the way there & get me on an IV sedative drip, I get this:

Yea, did I mention THAT will also be a first for me???

Fun times for Hubby.

So if you do not hear from me for a few days, do not fret.
I'm either sleeping, or sitting on the couch drooling wondering who the hell I am.

Don't worry, He has promised to take pictures JUST for all of you.

Yeeeeeay me.


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