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Saturday, July 16, 2011

... I'm Niiiifty-Thriiifty Babes!

I'm joinin up again this week.. but I'm backtracking... 
I'm going to show you what the hubbkins & I wore on the 4th:

We were lookin HOTT!

Dress/belt = Torrid $80
Shoes = Payless $25
Aviators = WetSeal $20 / 2Pair
Necklace = Thrifted from a GalPal

Shorts = Walmart $20
Shoes = Walmart $20
White Tee = Walmart $10 /6Pack
Hat = Target $12
Hubby is what he likes to call "Nifty-thrifty-foSHIZZLE"

... I swear I love him so...



Olivia Grace said...

You look gorgeous!!! I LOVE that dress on you! What a sweet couple:)

kelli case anderson said...

pretty dress!

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