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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's that time again....

Time for Ryan & I to disappear to that
amazing, wonderful, no-place-better in the world, favorite place of all time!!

The CABIN!! 
Lake Pend Orielle in Idaho. 
*Ps ~ If you want to keep up on the hilarious-ness that IS the MiNiCrew vacation, please make sure to follow us on twitter : @MrsJLRussell & @myfamilyisCRZY .... Definitely woth it! Giggles for DAYS! :D

(It's really only like an hour out of Spokane... but whatev...)

Watch this video from our trip last year... 
(PLEASE do not mind me, Mrs Chubby-Munch...
There is no one out there but us, so I tend to stop caring
the my fat BUM is hangin out. ) :D 

Go vacation-time!


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Anonymous said...

hehe!! fun video!! COOL SONG! Makes me wanna go to the lake! man, I haven't been to a lake since 2006. in tortilla flats, arizona :) fun times!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on vacation! The pictures of Ryan and Mazda are HILARIOUS and the pictures of the scenery are beautiful! Can't wait to read about your adventures on Twitter and here when you return :)

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