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Monday, July 4, 2011

How do YOU do it??

There are a million ways to celebrate...

How do YOU celebrate??? 

*Happy 4th Everyone!*
(For those non-Americans.... 
safely make loud noises & a mess today, 
& celebrate the wonderful-ness of YOU!)


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Miss Allie said...

The Fourth is always full of family, food, fireworks, and booze! This year the folks have a membership at a boat club and dad is commodore so we're going out there to celebrate with all the members. What do you do?

Anonymous said...

We've always spent the weekend up at Camano Island (my dad's high school buddy's parents have property that we camp on), but in recent years, when we've been home on the 4th, we've gone to my brother's friend's house, which is on Lake Meridian. They have a party for the fireworks show that the city has on the lake at 10. Even though I don't really talk to anyone, it's still fun :)

lesleyann2405 said...

ooh, i love the drippy flag lipstick! I'm Irish, so I obviously don't celebrate, but I stomped about and make loud noises istead! Keep up the good work with the blog, poppet!

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