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Monday, July 18, 2011

$25 credit GIVEAWAY!!!!

Okay everyone!!!

Big, big, BIG things today!

Yup! That's right! 
I'm what I'm giving away is sooooo awesome I'm jealous I can't have it myself! 
But I CAN  share it with YOU!!! 

(!!Yay you!!)

My wonderful friends over at 

have agreed to give 1-3 of my luuuucky readers a 
$25 credit to the site! 


now $25 on that site is a BIG deal.. since I know that the first few deals they are launching for Seattle are $15 and under! & the other cities are just as cheap!

Now if you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about... it is definitely time to educate yourself to the miraculous wonders of Juice In The City.

Click HERE to read what I wrote about them.

Go ahead. No, really.. it's okay... I'll wait.
It's THAT good.

Seeeee what I Meeeeeaaaan???


even if Juice In The City hasn't launched in YOUR town yet, make sure to check out the deals happening in other towns... because if they are have a daily deal that is a website deal... YOU can buy it too! It's definitely not limited to JUST that city!  

Here are some examples of PAST deals, just to get your mouth watering...
(click each image to see bigger)

And there is soooo much more! food, cafes, bookstores...

Have I tickled your fancy enough??

...Now for the Nitty Gritty...

The amount of winners chosen 
will depend on the amount of entries. 
The more people who enter... the more people who can win!

Winner will be chosen with

Here's how to enter:
Please make sure to leave an email in your comment!!

Mandatory for entry
 * SUBSCRIBE to the Juice In The city email deals list.
*Leave a comment here telling me where your from 
& what YOUR favorite "Self Splurge" activity is!

Extra entries:
Leave a separate comment for each!!

* Follow Legos In My Pocket via GFC  
*Like Legos in my Pocket on Facebook  (One entry)
*Like Juice in the City on Facebook (One entry)
* Follow me @MrsJLRussell on Twitter (One entry)
*Follow @juiceinthecity on Twitter (One entry)
* Tweet this: "@MrsJLRussell is offering a $25 @juiceinthecity credit for a giveaway!"
(can be done once daily for 2 entries)

Thats 7 EXTRA chances to win!!

This giveaway will close on 7/24/11 @ Midnight PST!
Gooooooooood LUCK everyone!


~Disclosure ~ 
*Though all thoughts & opinions expressed here are all my own, and are in NO WAY influenced by anyone else, I am compensated by Juice in the City for taking the time to share them with all of you! 
*Any discounts or giveaways are provided by Juice In The City.
*Affiliate links included in this post.


Melissa Winters said...

Done! I'm excited about this! I joined Juice in the city too!

Miss Allie said...

I follow you on GFC

Miss Allie said...

I'm from Oklahoma and I love to shop and get mani/pedi's!

Miss Allie said...

Already subscribed thanks to your amazing pimping of their site!

Miss Allie said...

Liked you on FB

Miss Allie said...

Liked them on FB

Miss Allie said...

Followed you on twitter


Miss Allie said...

Followed them on twitter


Miss Allie said...



Melissa Winters said...

Oops, forgot about the mandatory stuff. I currently live in rainy dreary Washington, and my self splurge activity is going tanning. I love to just lay in the bed and envision that I'm on the beach back home in California. It's my closest way of being back there without actually being back there lol.

Self Sagacity said...

Following your blog, what a cute layout.
Come & Play: Thursday Two Questions

Danielle said...

I subscribed! hope I get it...

Danielle said...

I'm in Kent (as you already know) & I LOVE buying new clothes for myself!

Danielle said...

I already follow you

Danielle said...

Liked Legos on FB

Danielle said...

Liked Juice on FB

Danielle said...

Already follow you on twitter

Danielle said...

Following Juice on twitter

Danielle said...

& Tweeted! @illbeDanielle

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