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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The wheels the car go 'round & 'round...

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Since we are sunch a big, happy unconventional family.. we have ALOT of members. 
So every year when the holidays come around the phone starts ringing. 

"Are you coming over this year?"
"Are we gonna see you this year?"
"Your Grandpa is in town, when are you coming to visit?"

Before we know it we have enough miles on our car to equal up to a cross-country visit! 
(& I know there are MANY of you who can relate.)

So, Even though we know we can't say what we WANT to say to dear ol' Mom & Dad...
"Can't you ALL come to our house this year??"

(I'm pretty sure I'd have a heart attack if I tried to fit everyone in our 
tiny little apartment.. Family dinners are trouble enough...
I think I'll wait till we get a bigger place for that one...)

So we drive to & from. Here & there. Up & down and all over town.

but THIS YEAR we are making changes.. when it comes to the family FRIENDS..
youknow.. the ones you have over for game night, and dinners, and birthdays...
The ones who might as WELL be family??

When it comes to THEM, we've sent out this Evite:

*To those who don't know, 
I am 90% of the time the host of EVERYTHING. 
It's a Love-Hate hobby*


We want to start a new tradition!

We have alot of friends, that we consider more than just friends.. you guys are family.

There for, we want to start a new tradition. Every year from here on out..
...A early Christmas-XmasParty day!

On Saturday, the weekend before Xmas weekend,
(this year = December 18th, 2010)
we are going to have a JUST family-friends holiday. :)
...Kinda like a Themed Game night.. with more food :)

So here is the deal:

Potluck= So bring something Yummy! Dinner & Dessert Style!
Drinks= Soda, Beer, Wine, Champagne (Normal Game Night Rules)
Dress Code = UGLY XMAS SWEATERS!!! (hit up Value village & Casual.. TRY to be COMFY.. Not a Dress & Heels.. (Katie) ;) haha


We know everyone is tight for money, and we figured THIS would be an easier way to do presents this year!

So IF you can, contact us however you can, and let us know what you plan on bringing, so I can maybe stifle off doubles, And make SURE to RSVP!!

Let me know if you are coming, and if you are bringing a guest by ATLEAST December 11th at the LATEST. I will be drawing names for Secret Santa and contacting you to let you know who you got on the 12th, So everyone will have a week to shop! :)

*Annaise WILL be in the bag! So Watch to be the lucky one to draw her name!*

At the end of the night we will take a big group photo in all our ugly sweaters. This will make a great thing to look at each year!

We look forward to seeing all of you there!
We ♥ you!
& Happy Holidays!


I Can't WAIT!! 

 Don't you love the holidays???

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