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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Charles... You have a licking problem...

It's my FAVORITE time of the week!
It's time for:

For those of you who are new:

Just like cartoons early Saturday morning ...
When you would get up early on PURPOSE to wrap yourself in a blankie, big bowl of cereal in your lap and watch silly shows till you couldn't laugh anymore??
Everyone likes to laugh. I haven't met many people who don't. We all love to laugh, or smile, giggle to ourselves, or laugh out loud so randomly that the people around us wonder if they need to call for help...
(That last one is my FAVORITE pass-time)

Well I know that I do. I also know I LOVE to make others laugh, therefor..  
"Silly Saturdays!"

Sit back, drink some coffee, chow some cereal, and remember what its like to just laugh. there is nothing else that matters in the world...

Share them with your friends. Keep them to yourself. You can even join in and share what YOU'VE got!
All I ask, is that you smile, relax, and Laugh!

Don't forget to leave you thoughts, questions, requests and <3 in the comments below!!


The following laughs thanks to:

Dear lady in front of me with the six screaming kids under the age of 9,
You see that box of condoms that mysteriously appeared in your cart? 
You're welcome.
Sincerely, A Good Samaritan.

Dear Wall,
Meet me in the corner.
Sincerely, Ceiling.

Dear Marshmallows and Chocolate,
What do you say to a threesome by the campfire?
Sincerely, Graham Cracker.

Dear Four-Year-Old Self,
Seriously... take the naps now while you still have the chance.
Sincerely, College Student Self.

Dear hormone-crazed teenage boys,
I hope you still appreciate slutty Halloween costumes 
when they start showing up on your thirteen-year-old daughters.
Sincerely, Karma.

Dear Google Image Search,
That WAS NOT what I was looking for.
Sincerely, Scarred for Life.

Dear Nike,
Do it yourself!
Sincerely, Lazy.

Dear Bladder,
Please hold on just one more minute!
Sincerely, Its Almost Commercial Time.

Dear Crunchy Leaves,
Thanks for being so fun to step on.
Sincerely, Everybody.

Dear Students,
I came. You were drunk. So I left.
Sincerely, Weekend.

Dear Bedbugs,
Jokes on you.
Sincerely, Bed Wetter.

Dear men,
You want No-Shave November? Bring it on!
Sincerely, women.

Dear Nosey Parent,
If you didn't go looking through my room, you wouldn't find stuff you'd rather not. Stop blaming me.
Sincerely, Annoyed and Grounded Teenager.

Dear Facebook,
Thanks for the help.
Sincerely, Procrastination.

Dear Undercover Police Car,
The police license plate, light on the mirror, and 3 extra antennas 
didn't give you away at all...
Sincerely, Nice Try.

Dear Taxpayers,
We now accept payment in the form of: an arm, a leg, your first born child or your soul.
Sincerely, The Government.

Dear children on leashes,
Now you know how we feel.
Sincerely, the dog.

Dear Scissors,
I feel your pain... No one wants to run with me either.
Sincerely, Sarah Palin

Dear women,
I know your eyes are up there... I wasn't looking at your eyes.
Sincerely, a guy.

Dear Christmas,
WTF man?! It's not your turn yet!
Sincerely, Thanksgiving.


Meet Charles:

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The Meditative Mom said...

LOL I'd LOVE a no shave November for women! How good would that be?! We'll pretend it's for "women's health." Like could they have chosen a more vague cause? What is "men's health" anyway?

LegosInMyPocket said...

Hahahaha mens health = Video games & Sammich Rations ;) I mentioned the no-shave November to my hubby and asked his thoughts... he refused to answer me.. till later that night when he got out of the shower and had shaved... EVERYTHING. i was surprised he still had eyebrows! "Is this a good enough answer for you??" I love him so... :)

Sarah the Writer said...

Up until a couple days ago, I could relate to the crunchy leaves one. There are a few trees surrounding my dorm/apartment unit and last weekend's wind storm pretty much blew them all off and up against the front-door side of the unit. So I'd get to crunch through leaves on the way to class :-P So. Much. Fun.

Amanda Moury said...

I literally laughed out loud at the Thanksgiving/Christmas one! Those were funny Jaimie, thank you for the laugh! :) Happy weekend to you and Ryan :)

LegosInMyPocket said...

Sarah - I kno huh? The little things that count. :)

Amanda - That one was my favorite! (I will normally put my favorite at the end.. like best for last..) I have been trying SOOOO hard to respect the turkey and leave the Xmas stuff in the box till the first... I'm losing my mind ;) Anytime sweetie! Happy Week to you & Bryan!

daniboy_110 said...

Soooooo the charles song is creepy... :)

ModernMom said...

Such a cute blog! Love the letters:)
Thanks so much for the follow. Following right back!

LegosInMyPocket said...

Dani - oh hush you! ;) lol

ModernMom - The letters seem to be a fav for most! :) love your blog btw!

S.I.F. said...

Ummm, yeah, can I just go back to being my 4 year old self period? I want those naps again!

Jessica Warrick said...

Those little notes are hilarious. now following you back..

LegosInMyPocket said...

SIF - I kno huh?? no rest for the old&Tired... ahhaha

Jessica - following you! :)

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