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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They'd sell their SOULS.. for an Xbox360...

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Ahh.. Black Friday. 
The part I left OUT of MY holiday traditions. 
Yes.. Let me explain why:

Black Friday is when people will wait at Un-godly hours of the morning
in UN-godly temperatures just to be the first in a store.
 Black Friday is when people will help Starbucks stocks fly through the roof before 6am.

Black Friday is when grown ADULTS will shove, kick, name-call, bite, and all around act like they are on a pre-school stomping ground thinking they have reason.
Black Friday is when people will forgo food & drink so they don't "waste time."

Black Friday is also when grown adults will wear a diaper proudly 
as so not to lose their place in line.
Black Friday is when sweet old ladies will smuggle bras and underwear in shoe boxes.
Black Friday is when people will YELL at a cashiers telling them how WRONG they are, when they know they aren't...just to see if they can get a better deal...

Black Friday is when people sell their souls  
for an Xbox, a TV, a dishwasher, or a blender.

Now, don't get me wrong... I know there are a few people out there who have a perfectly fun experience every year. I know that there are those who go to bed early Thanksgiving evening, excitedly looking forward to making the best of their mornings... I have been among you...
on both the shoppers side, 
(How do you think Ryan talked me into his 50inch TV of rediculousness?) 
AND the sellers side. 
I worked last year at Kohls durring their holiday season... and it scarred me for life. 
(The scenarios from above are NOT from my imagination.)

BUT I will keep with the Holiday feeling, & offer THESE words of wisdom:

1. PREPARE YOURSELF - Study the ads, make a plan, know what your doing... stretch even. There are others going after the same thing you are that are WAY more ready to do what needs to be done than you can imagine. BE PREPARED.
2. STAY FOCUSED - Don't dilly-dally off into an isle because you saw something shiny. Get what you went for! Otherwise your stuck behind some doodlewash in an isle who can't decided between green or blue towels and someone ELSE grabs the microwave YOU wanted.
3. STAY GAURDED - Just because she looks old & sweet, doesn't mean that little lady won't trade you out of your own socks. be AWARE. 

4. STAY SMART - Don't skip meals. Stay hydrated. Don't over stress on an Xbox. BREATHE

5. BE PRODUCTIVE - Take it in waves. If you KNOW your going to spend a lot of time at one store.. getting A LOT of stuff.. DO NOT pack a cart full bigger than your car! Take it in waves... buy some, come back, do it again... If your out on Black Friday, you must like it a little.. so why not have fun get more done? Or...

6. BRING FRIENDS - That you TRUST! You do NOT want to bring someone with you, to help you hunt down that perfect gift for mom, and when you find it, its the last one they had, and it's in the back of her car because she realized it would be perfect for HER mother...

Last but not least:

You are in THEIR store. Raising THEIR sales. They LOVE you. & most of the time will do anything they can for you... but you have to keep in mind that there a trillion-gazillions of YOU and only a handful of them. PATIENCE is KEY. 
I would MUCH rather help someone who is nice & patient than I would rude & crotchity.

There ya go. My two cents from BOTH sides of the field..Take it, run with it, have some fun...but do me a favor..

...Don't lose your mind...
...DON'T sell your soul...

& try to have fun!

Don't you love the holidays??

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Kit said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Moury said...

Hahahaha I love the picture of the mom's fighting in the store. LOL

LegosInMyPocket said...

Kit - Ofcourse! Anything I can do to help at least a FEW of you crazies! ;)

Amanda - that was my fav too.. that and the guy with the convertible.. prob cause it reminds me of someone... *CoughCough!RYAN!CoughCough*

justin said...

You think Kohl's is bad, try working at Target. They couldn't pay me enough to go back for a Black Friday.

LegosInMyPocket said...

Justin - Exactly! I left soon as the season was over and NEVER looked back! Puh! :)

Anonymous said...

Great tips! I'm not one of the crazies though, but I think my mom wants to be ;-)

BN Mom said...

I passed on an award right back to you! Your one of the blogs I read most often!

Enjoy :)


LivKit said...

Funny .. lovely tips!

S.I.F. said...

I have never been able to convince myself that black friday was a good idea... I'm really not a fan of anything meant to happen so early in the morning! :)

Lindsey Muth said...

You are hilarious! This is the first year I'm skipping Black Friday. I always went with my mom at like 4am and swore to myself I enjoyed it. Which is lunacy!

My favorite parts of your post, madam... telling people to stretch. Haha! And doodlewash. Immuna use that one! Like every day!


~SALLY~ said...

Oh I know why I don't go out on Black Friday! *ahem*. We will be in CHICAGO on black friday...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL.

Hello! I am your newest follower from today's hop and would love a follow back on my review and giveaway blog, "In My Opinion...". Here is the link:

I do have several blogs, but this one is where I am looking to get followers. Thanks so much!! :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I am working on being ready...LOL! :)

Jen M said...

New follower via Wednesday Blog Hop :)
Jen @ My Secret Home

ModernMom said...

I've never been to a Black Friday (we don't have them up here in Canada)but I've seen it on the news. Are the deal really that good?

LegosInMyPocket said...

SIF - AGREED! in FULL! I HATE them Always have... but hubby NEEDED a big tv.. (Psh!) lol

Lindsey - Ahah! I KNEW you would be a crazies! I just KNEW it! ;) hey stretching can save your life.. haha oh yea.. doodlewash.. i have a ton of names like that.. my friends love it. I can beat a person in a bitch match, never once using a swear word ;)

Sally - I will definitely have to check your page out! :) duuude Chicago!? what i wouldn't give...

Jen M - Thanx for following! Welcome to the Pocket! :)

MM - yea the deals on some things are ridiculous.. you can get a $1200 for $700-800.. its kinda worth it.. im just not a great "crazy people" person.. plus i have low tolerance for stupid.. & there is MAJOR stupid out on Black Friday... lol

-Mallori said...

just now making rounds to all the favorite posts from my introduce yourself post....this was before I followed you, and some good advice. I've been on both sides as well!

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