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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silly Saturdays!

It's that time again!!

For those of you who are new:

Just like cartoons early Saturday morning ...
When you would get up early on PURPOSE to wrap yourself in a blankie, big bowl of cereal in your lap and watch silly shows till you couldn't laugh anymore??
Everyone likes to laugh. I haven't met many people who don't. We all love to laugh, or smile, giggle to ourselves, or laugh out loud so randomly that the people around us wonder if they need to call for help...
(That last one is my FAVORITE pass-time)

Well I know that I do. I also know I LOVE to make others laugh, therefor..  
"Silly Saturdays!"

Sit back, drink some coffee, chow some cereal, and remember what its like to just laugh. there is nothing else that matters in the world...

Share them with your friends. Keep them to yourself. You can even join in and share what YOU'VE got!
All I ask, is that you smile, relax, and Laugh!

Don't forget to leave you thoughts, questions, requests and <3 in the comments below!!


The following laughs thanks to:

Dear Parents,
Please stop asking me questions you don't want the answers to!
Sincerely, Your Daughter.

Dear alarm clock,
Thank you for not going off the one morning I have an exam that's worth 20% of my grade.
Sincerely, Sprinting to class.

Dear Busy Moms,
You should check if you have any Facebook notifications. Oh, and check your email. Also, there's this great new video on Youtube that you should watch.
Sincerely, The Internet.

Dear Always,
There's no such thing as a 'happy period.'
Sincerely, Women Everywhere.

Dear Blackberry,
Please stop butt-dialing the one person I don't want to talk to.
Sincerely, Now it's Awkward.

Dear Husband,
I'll make you a sandwich as soon as you bring home some bacon...
Sincerely, Your Wife.

Dear little umbrella in my drink,
Thank you for protecting my drink from rain.
Sincerely, Relieved.

Dear High School Teachers,
Thank you so much for all that homework. I was wondering what I was going to do for six hours tonight.
Sincerely, Student.

Dear Students,
It's DUE tomorrow, not DO it tomorrow.
Sincerely, Teachers.

Dear World,
Please stop freaking out about 2012. Our calendar ends there because some Spanish d-bags invaded our country and we got a little busy...
Sincerely, the Mayans.

Dear Lady in a Math Problem,
Maybe it's none of my business, 
but, why in the world do you need 60 watermelons, 
and why is Jimmy taking 24 away from you?
Sincerely, Confused Student.

Dear obese gym teacher,
We will run the mile once we see you do it first.
Sincerely, your students.

Dear American Apparel,
We wear pants and shirts. Not one or the other.
Sincerely, Real Girls.

Dear Mom,
This year for Christmas I want my nine years worth of milk and cookies back.
Sincerely, You've Been Caught.

Dear Salad,
I wish you tasted like KFC.
all of the inner "Fat-Kids"

Dear High School Boy,
I thought you were cute till I noticed 
the cloud of Axe following you.
Sincerely, Nauseated High School Girl.

Dear Women,
You tell us WE need to text first, 
WE need to pay for food, 
WE need to ask you out. 
But we ask you for ONE sammich and what do we get? 
A slap to the face.
Sincerely, Men.

Dear Powdered Doughnuts,
Please stop making it look like I've been 
snorting mountains of cocaine.
Sincerely, Covered in Powdered Sugar.

Dear mom,
Please never offer to demonstrate 
what "grinding" is again.
Sincerely, your disturbed daughter.

Dear "trendy" teenage girl,
Please name more than three songs by the band on your shirt.
Sincerely, annoyed real fan.

Dear dad,
It's not 'disobedience,' it's 'delayed obedience.'
Sincerely, your lazy daughter.

Dear Teacher,
Not an assignment you can finish the night before? We'll see about that...
Sincerely, Challenge Accepted.

Dear public bathroom faucets that 
stay on for two seconds,
Super awesome idea.
Sincerely, my would be washed hands.

Anjelah Johnson - if you have never seen her.. YOU SHOULD LOOK HER UP!!

Just one that's always been my favorite...

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Anonymous said...

This post is yet another reason I look forward to Saturdays. I just <3 the DBPB "letters" :-D

LegosInMyPocket said...

ahaha good! :) they are always so much fun

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