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Friday, November 26, 2010

... & now your BROKE.

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Every year it the same thing. 

You have a ton of family,
You have a ton of friends,
You do my BEST to host something
you have a TON  to do...

& your BROKE.

 I swear its like no matter how much $$$ I save, it always somehow managed to disappear and find a NEW pocket the second Christmas rolls around.

And then I have to resort to Kohls and their wonderful stocking stuffer deals, Walmart's discount last season trinkets, or worse...


I don't know about you but I HATE re-gifting...
it makes me feel like crap, & cheap... like a cheat.


So THIS year we're doing it different. I am giving EVERYONE in our little circle an easy out.

im gonna save us ALL some of that wonderful $$$ that we throw away every year.

**We are having a Office-style Christmas Party**

Re-used last year decorations
ridiculous decorations
ugly sweaters

...& Yes...



 & I'm making it a tradition.. how about THAT!

Don't you love the holidays???

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