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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Madness... AGAIN

It figures that everything has to happen on Monday.

There I was, cuddling up to the Hubby, watching our newest episodes of Lie2Me on Netflix, thinking I have a long night of cuddling & kettle corn ahead of me since I knew I had nothing to do tomorrow. No dishes. No laundry, No company, No making dinner, No hubby...
when at 9:30pm, my youngest sister Danielle calls.

Now, Danielle is not only one of the hardest 14 year olds EVER to say no too.. but she also happens to be bestfriends with my husband. Normally this is one of my favorite things to witness...but today, I know the next words to come out of mouth are going to give me a headache.

"Hey Sissy, Whats up?

I swear its a teenage thing to able to speak SO fast without being an auctioneer.

"Uh, Sure...What is it thats going on?"
"A modeling thing."
"A modeling thing..."
"Has mom okay'd this?"

...Obviously I will have to call mom once we get off the phone...
"Sure, thats no problem sweetie. 
I will drive you, what time should I at the house?"

I figure Ryan works the early shift, he probley won't be home till atleast 4-ish..
I'd have all day.

"Okay, Sounds Gre...WaitWHAT?!" What time?!?


Right about here is where Ryan giggled abit, cause just like Danielle,
he knows she has me, cause I've already said yes.. & I wont take it back. 
Not like I've ever told the girl NO anyways...I Let Mom do that...



My one day of NOTHING

And I have to get up early.

Maybe I will just go ahead & take to Advil now.

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OneMommaSavingMoney said...

thanks for the follow. following back

KLZ said...

You are clearly a saint. I would have made sure she bought the coffee for waking me up so early.

LegosInMyPocket said...

KLZ - haahaha i would have.. cept to make matters worse, when I got there she wasn't awake.. Apparently I was supposed to be there at 5 PM ... Sometimes, I hate my life. ;) lol

*~Petra~* said...

Thanks for visiting! Following you back.

:) Petra

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