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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday


1. Manwich Burgers - they are AH-MAZE-ING-LY Delicous.

2. Family - They help us when we really need it.

3. Cars - Sometimes a drive is just something you need.

4. Thick insulation in the walls - So when Niecie is crying, I can still Sleep. :)

  1. Family Dinner Nights - I love having everyone around the table talking and laughing. 

2. Toilet Paper - Because you really don't know how much you enjoy it. :)
3. Me time - Sleeping, Cleaning, Bathtime, Reading... It keeps my sanity intact.

4. My Momma - Sometimes, just the smallest wink, smile, or hug from her can change my day. <3


1. Payday - Its $$$!!!

2. Mountain Dew - My favorite

3. Leveling up in Call of Duty- Gets me better stuffs :)

4. The weekend - its time AWAY from work.

1. Jalepenjo Poppers 
- Cause I am a fatkid :)
2. Naptime 
- Cause I love me some sleep. <3
3. Baby Wipes 
- They keep everything suuuper clean
4 Family Dinners 
- keeps the family together.

What Are YOU thankful for??

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