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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monkeys, Cold Milk, Nipple Butter, & Hot Cocoa...

Niecie is ONE MONTH OLD Today!!

1. Heat - Because it's warm.

2. Monkeys - Because they are monkeys?

3. GREEN - Because its green.. duh.

4. Binkies - Because they are awesome! :)

1. Pug Kisses - They are super relaxing.

2. Bonus Sleep - Its EXTRA sleep! Duh

3. New Video Games - Change is Good.

4. Cold Milk @ Night - Helps me sleep.

 1. Soft Fuzzy Blankets - I <3 to be warm!!

2. Cheeze - It's amazing. 
(Even though I can't have any.)

3. Nipple Butter- Prevents future pains. :)

4. Sunshine - Hate the cold!


1. My Blackberry
- Never really understood its necessity :)
2. Rain Boots
- Its amazing how a simple splash in a puddle can make you feel better. <3
3. Hot Cocoa
- In a warm coffee mug...
4.  My Family's Health
-The most important.

What Are YOU thankful for??

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