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Monday, November 1, 2010

Here's to 9 more!

Today, Ryan & I celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. 

We were married by Brian Norine (Buttons) in front of all of our friends and family at the beautiful Wine & Roses Country Estate. Everyone was there to show thier love & support. 

My maid of honor was ofcourse Summer (Breezie) Clinger, 
& My maids were : Rachel Power, Krysta Titus, Breanna Clayton, & Danielle Descalso. 

Ryan's best man was none other than his dad Terry Russell, & his groomsmen were: 
Travis Major, Joshua finlan, Andrew Sprint, Andrew Hooper, Tj Drobny & Michael Clayton. 

We had Travis' daughter Kaylin Major for a flower girl. 


It was a beautiful ceremony and I was definitly holding my breath as daddy walked me down the isle. 

And today, as I am driving down the road, I Find myself drifting off, daydreaming about our wedding day. The Merlot colored tablecloths, the hanging grape vines, the white twinkling lights... The beautiful old barn filled with tables & chairs & white roses everywhere.  

What has made me think of it? 
The CD that just happens to be in the player from that last time Danielle was in the car is the first Twilght movie soundtrack. I have not listened to this album in almost a year, but it was top of my playlist last year around this time. The song to trigger this amazing memory of a day I will never ever forget?? 
"Flightless Bird, American mouth" 

It was a couple of hours into the reception when Ryan scooped my into his arms durring the beggining of this song. I hadn't seen him for almost an hour. 

"Hey There Mrs. Russell!" 
"Oh hey! oh good! I wanted to dance with you for this song! I love this song!" 
"I know, thats why I found you, cause I love YOU."

We danced like it was only us in the room. Swinging around & singing at our loudest while Ryan made up his own words. i remember laughing so hard because every time he leaned his head back, his eye would go all crazy, but he didn't care. He just kept being silly singing his version of the song to me. 

I cry just a little bit thinking it was already a whole year ago. Most of the time, I would give almost anything to go back and live the rest of my life in that moment. But realizing how quickly the year flew by also reminds me not only is today the one year anniversary of our wedding day, but is the mark of our 8th year together.

I still can't believe it and have counted it 3 times right now as I write this JUST to make sure! 

It seems like so long! It can't have been 8 years already! But its true.. 
 8 years ago today Ryan Kissed me for the first time. 
8 years ago today, Ryan said I love you to a girl he only knew for 4 days. 
(& scared the crap outta her I might add) 
because 8 years ago today that girl said I love you back so 
quickly before she even knew what had happened. 

I knew that day my life would be different. I knew my life had changed. I just didn't know it was Ryan who had changed it. I am thankful every day of my life to know him, love him, laugh with him, & learn from him. He is an amazing man with a beautiful soul & he loves me as I am. Each & Everyday. I would not, WILL not ever trade that for anything.. & I look forward to many MANY years more...
"I would go blood for you."
"Is that big? Sounds big"
"Yea sweetie, that's big."
"Awe, then I would too."
Ryan, I will love you
with all my heart and soul
for always & forever
Even past when we grow old.


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