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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

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Day #5
*Our Wish Lists!*

When it comes to Ryan, He's pretty simple. Hot Wheels, & tools. For 8 years I have NEVER been able to go wrong.. as long I i am in either one or both of those two categories..

But his "UN-obtainable" for this year... the present he wishes desperately he could figure out how to get his grubby little hands on... THIS:

An Acura TL

Dont I wish!
He also shares a "un-obtainable" wish with Anthony:

New XBOX360 w/ Kinect
I can tell you right now, THAT one isn't happening ANY time soon... for EITHER of them.
Though I know Anthony would be just fine with Either (or both) of these:

Peach & Mint Shisha
& a new 4-pipe Hooka

BLEH. Atleast he does that bologna outside. :) 

Now Melissa has very simple, artsy tastes: 

New brushes, a new easel, 
Watercolors, & the PostSecret books...

While I Also have simple tastes like:
a cookie rack & 
peppermint stuff from Bath & Body Works

But we share a common interest 
in two very AWESOME things...

A Nintendo Wii      &     A Canon Rebel

I think its our turn right?
The boys got what they wanted LAST year.. 

yup.. our turn.. i think so! :)

Don't you love the holidays?

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Anonymous said...

The PostSecret guy came to my school back in September. It was an enjoyable presentation. I ended up buying the first book. Very interesting.

And get a Wii! The four of you can play each other in Bowling (my personal favorite) or Tennis. Ours is really my brother's but he shares (for once).

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