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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Personal Hiatus

More like a personal breakdown


...I know I have not updated in QUITE awhile...
& this one is going to be pretty Short&Sweet

*I am working on some backdated posts for you guys, its just taking longer than expected.*

Here is a QUICK update:
(Keep in mind I have been bleeding from 9-30-10 till present day...& still going)
  1.  10-4-10 ~ I took 2 HPT and found out I was pregnant.
  2. 10-5-10 ~ I went in to my doctors, and got the pregnancy confirmed! Blood tests for how far along...
  3. 10-6-10 ~ My doctor called with results for a one month along pregnancy! But some concerns...
  4.  10-11-10 ~ Melissa went in for an aversion. Did NOT work..incredibly painful...Schedule C-Section.
  5. 10-12-10 ~ Second blood draw with my doctor for concerns.
  6. 10-13-10 ~ Doctor called with results, Lower numbers = Positive for miscarriage.  I've lost the baby.
  7. 10-18-10 ~ Annaise Marie Winters is Born! @ 8:05 am - 8lbs 9oz 19 inches long.
  8. 10-19-10 ~ My Doctor reconfirms my miscarriage. Asks me to schedule an exam when I'm ready...
  9. 10-20-10 ~ Though baby has lost weight, Melissa & Niecie (Annaise) are released from hospital.
  10. 10-22-10 ~ Niecie's first doctors Appt. She's Gained a little weight!! :)
  11. 10-22-10 ~ I call & notify DSHS & WIC of my miscarriage. WIC lady asks for paper proof. :(
  12. 10-25-10 ~ I set Appt for November 3rd for an exam.. Dr. is worried I might be anemic...                 *I have wanted nothing but sleep. No food or water, no company, just sleep...& I'm losing weight.*
  13. 10-26-10 ~ Niecie has 2nd doctors appt. Still gaining weight, but has serious boil on neck.             *Dr. Paretsky sends us to Swedish Hospital Emergency Room*
  14. 10-26-10 ~ Niecie is addmitted to Swedish hospital with a staph infection & jaundice.

And that is where we are at so far...

Annaise is still in the hospital, but is way better. 

As for me?
Well, I'll let you know as soon as I figure that one out...


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