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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What in the WORLD?!

Holy poo on a Tuesday morning!

It has been SOOOOOOO busy around our house this past week, that I have unfortunately not been very attentive to my blog & all of my lovely blogger friends!

(Im SOOOOOO sorry dearies!!!)

Ryan has recently started his new job (YAY!) at GMCR ... which is absolutely wonderful, but since he works the swing shift, it makes our 1 car scenario slightly irritating. With a 15 year old in the last week of Freshman year of High School, not having a vehicle at a split second notice is NOT acceptable. So with dance practices, car washes, cramming for end of year finals at friends houses, preparing for her summer vacation in Hawaii, & a boyfriend who seems to need her within close proximity at all times or fear of DEATH.. 
(or something like that.) I have had to drive Ryan to & from work, 30 mins each everyday. Fine enough in its own.. gives me time to think ..sing at the TOP of my lungs. :)

Along with Ryan's new job does come some good perks...

* A new Keurig Machine
* Discounts on coffee
* A wonderful benefits package
* Discounts on ANY Energy Star appliances
...among like a trillionbillion other amazing things!

So, I can't really complain now can I? 

(Now, Doesn't he look sexy in his hair&beard nets... Calls himself the "SexySanta")


TODAY is the big day!! 

Danielle is taking her FIRST ever airplane ride to go visit our Momma & spend 
a whole two weeks with her... in HAWAII !!!

Yea, I know. Right now, I kinda hate her too...

but What the HECK am I gonna do for the next two weeks? 

Dani & I hang out almost everyday! & with Ryan working the swing shift, 
my life is going to be especially  booooooooring!!!

Maybe this means I will spend more time tending to my very ignored blog... 


I have also received some wonderful postcards! take a look!


Only 1 more week to check out the MFB feature!

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S.I.F. said...

Enjoy your quiet time friend... lots of reading and blog writing! :)

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