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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

COMMENTS ...Fixed??

So I've gotten a lot of emails about 
my comment box not working... 
So I've switched it to pop up... to see if that helps...
But I'm thinking of switching...

Which comment set-up do you use? 
which do you like the best? 


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Erin Dawn said...

I think it's working now! I switched to a pop out box too, my comments weren't showing :(

Sweta said...

It would be great if you installed intense debate or Disqus..they have a reply and threading system.I've had disqus installed on my blog for the past year and it has been great.Remember to sync your comments before installing so that you can still have them if you wish to switch back :)

Johi said...

Now it is working! Sorry I didn't return the email yet, but it looks as though you figured it out! (If I could do it, I knew you could...)

Anonymous said...

my blog uses intense debates. my uses the traditional blogger. I like the blogger one better - only because it makes faster load up time. I hated commenting back on intense debates on my other blog becuase my page would reload like 2 times. annoying.

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